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January Snow

Here are the promised snow pictures…enjoy!


[oh hi there! it’s me.]

[husband + brothers-in-law = action shot]

[view of the backyard from the deck]

[husband sledding]

[cats see snow for the second time]




going for a walk while the snow melts

going for a walk while the snow melts

Another snow day!! Well spent I might add.
We woke up and went to Panera for brunch and homework. After that we went and hung out at Baba’s house. It was nice!
And I got to see my sister today who performed a badass song that she wrote and played the piano to. Man, she is talented for 11.

I’m going to sleep now, warm and cozy in my bed.
Clinicals are tomorrow meaning all the hoopla begins again. Bright and early!

Get some sleep. Seriously.

Snow Day

Today was a beautiful snow day spent drinking tea, watching movies, eating good ol’ American hamburgers and french fries while watching the inauguration of our 44th President, Obama, and sledding down hills.
Oh, and Isaac and I also made our first snow man. I got to spend some quality time with Isaac also. It was a great day.

Me, Ishaq, Snowman

That’s our angry Asian Snowman named Jasper. Jasper, the angry snowman.

PS- I also finished all my reading! Success!! That means I’m not a complete bum.