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Clinicals + Lasagna = Sleepy

That’s right. It was a short shift of not a whole lot. I just tried to fill the time.
We talked about policies and procedures for 30 minutes.
I wanted to curl up in the fetal position and just sleep.

Now I’m home. Ate some lasagna.

Now, I’m exhausted. Clinicals always makes me hungry and sleepy. I’ll probably go nap now.
So, this isn’t too exciting. Sorry for that.
I’ll post more this weekend.

Dress shopping with Britt
Birthday dinner for HK.

Happy Thursday to everyone!




going for a walk while the snow melts

going for a walk while the snow melts

Another snow day!! Well spent I might add.
We woke up and went to Panera for brunch and homework. After that we went and hung out at Baba’s house. It was nice!
And I got to see my sister today who performed a badass song that she wrote and played the piano to. Man, she is talented for 11.

I’m going to sleep now, warm and cozy in my bed.
Clinicals are tomorrow meaning all the hoopla begins again. Bright and early!

Get some sleep. Seriously.


Well, yesterday I was feeling a little depressed. But a visit to my family and wonderful curry made by Isaac cheered me right up!

So, orientation is officially over and I am already busy. My friend BC and I printed out all of our assignments and excercises and whatnots for the semester…it took two reams of printer paper. Talk about killing trees. My tree-hugging soul was very sad.

I’m going to make an effort to go out and do some volunteering locally to make up for it at some point.

I found out that with the exception of two days (MLK holiday and a random day in February) I have either work or school 7 days a week until March 9th when Spring Break starts. Blah. ::cue depression::

Brighter note: Things are looking up homework wise. I have this bad habit about procrastinating. But I’ve finished all my homework that’s due tomorrow already. I was done with most of it Friday, but did my article today…so that’s good.

I’m also running for Class Vice President of the Student Government Association. Some other girl is running against me, but I’m crossing my fingers! I want to be real involved this time around.

Study session on Friday with AC, SG, and BC which ended up in a dance session and YouTube marathon. But we got some work accomplished, so I say it was a success!!

Need to work on a concept map due Wed, but I’ve done the hard part already (research).

Dash is going back up to school in the mountains. Well she went Saturday. I am going to miss her terribly. Oh! But she did find a wicked cute bridesmaids dress. So, hopefully, we’ll be able to order that soon.

Ummm, I don’t really know what else to write about at the moment. It’s all a haze.