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January Snow

Here are the promised snow pictures…enjoy!


[oh hi there! it’s me.]

[husband + brothers-in-law = action shot]

[view of the backyard from the deck]

[husband sledding]

[cats see snow for the second time]



Timing is Everything.

I was out of school not even 5 days when we got the email for N-3000 requirements. It was to the tune of “Enjoy your break…but don’t forget that the first day of class is a lab so come in proper clinical/lab attire. Oh, and we need your immunization records and CPR cards. Oh, and we need verification that all your online training in modules A-Q are done by the first day of class. Oh, and tuition is due by the first day so you can go to orientation. Oh, and your new syllabus and schedules are up. OH! Enjoy your break!”

And then of course, working 3 in a row is always a picnic. I’ve got my 3rd day tomorrow which will undoubtedly mean I’ll be grumpy.

And Ishaq/I just picked/ended a stupid/superstupid argument/misunderstanding –> a further worsened mood.

Good one, world. You win this round.
Let’s be friends tomorrow? “Pretty, please?”

Dash made my night so much better. By like ten.trillion times. Best friends are…well, the best! And for that I’m grateful.


[photo cred here]

Black Banded

I’m a bad blogger. But with finals and Black Banding, work, and a husband and kittens to tend to- there were just not enough hours in the day!
So…updates. I crammed for my final. I got a 75 on it which made me nervous. The course requires an 80 as a passing grade and I got a 79.94 which rounds to an 80. I was a nervous wreck all last weekend because I had calculated it correctly but wouldn’t get the official word until Monday.
Luckily, I passed.
If I hadn’t, I would have had to go back to first semester b/c of the changing curriculum and that would have been $12,000 wasted down the drain.

Yesterday was my Black Banding ceremony. All the passing second semester students get pinned by a RN of their choosing which signifies that moving up into the position of upper class nursing student. Woo-hoo! My momma pinned me which made me want to cry. It was great! My wonderful husband was their filming and my awesome mother-in-law came as well. Afterwards, we all went out to eat at Ihop which was yummy.

Then Ishaq and I went to an art museum and then went home and slept.

Oh crap! I forgot to pick up my retainers yesterday and I need to call about that. I lost them when I moved cross country and by the time I found them- my teeth had already shifted. I’ve been without them for about 4 years now, so I decided I should get another set before my teeth move anymore. That would suck.

Ishaq and I have been eating healthier lately..ever since the nutrition project a couple of weeks ago. I feel great. And have actually been craving healthy foods like apples and carrots instead of cookies and chips all the time. Which is a nice change.

My house is a hot mess. Mreh.

I will [attempt] to update this more often.


photo from here

Update in a Huge Nutshell.

This update is for the Dutchman. I have to admit I have been pretty awful at updating lately. I went on Fall Break starting not last Friday but the one before. I worked that weekend and then lolligagged all last week playing Rock Band and watching movies. I worked yesterday, today, and then will tomorrow as well.
I’ve got to get some reading done because I didn’t do squat the whole week before break which means I’ve got a couple hundred pages of reading to catch up on.
The plan for the rest of fall break:
-Homework at some point
-Finish ‘evaluation’ paragraph for Case Study project (which I plan to get done today)
-Wedding dress shopping on Monday with/for my friend A.Clark
-Spending the night in Charlotte on Tuesday and seeing Blink-182 in concert
-Hanging out with my sister at my house
-Going to Pilot Mountain for an overnight camping trip
-Spending time with my family
-Working a bunch

This semester has FLOWN by. And not because time flies when you’re having fun. It’s just been so busy. And nursing school is not necessarily what I would call fun.
After I get back from break (Oct. 19th), there will only be a month and a half left. How awesome is that?
And then I’ll be a senior.
Can’t wait.
I’ve just got to do well on my tests. I’m riding the edge right now in the testing category. It’s so weird. When we pow-wow in clinical and they ask me the questions from the testing book, I get them right. It’s just the structure of sitting down at a timed test that everyone gets ridiculously anxious over where I test poorly. Out of the four answers I eliminate two and always choose badly on the last 50-50 chance. Arhghsdopjfdsf.
I will not fail this semester. I cannot afford to repeat because I am not rich by any means.
I have to keep reminding myself that- it helps me keep my focus.

Oh and my midterm clinical evaluations were stellar. “Your potential is limitless” said my Oncology instructor who happens to be a NP (nurse practitioner). I was also told that if I keep up this pace, I could probably have two patients by the end of the semester. Which would be super.

I had to schedule myself at work all the way out to Feb. 6, 2010. What shit is that?? [pardon my french.]
But that’s all the way deep into next semester. How do I know what days I’m open.
If I went to a normal 4 year university I wouldn’t even know my school schedule.
What ridiculous-ness.

Interesting Things (to me) At the Moment:
[which may be uninteresting to you, so I won’t be offended if you stop reading. I bolded the main points though]
There’s this TV series you should watch. You have to start from the beginning. But Ishaq and I were totally hooked. It’s called Jericho. It’s only about 35 episodes long so it’s like a really looong movie, but it’s amazing. It’s about nuclear bombs going off in the United States and what happens in the aftermath.
Another one, if you like British humor, is The IT Crowd. It’s the computer department made up of two nerdy guys and their female boss who knows nothing about computers. It’s absolutely hilarious. If you like British humor.
The new Paramore CD rocks my socks. I love them.
I’ve also been listening to A LOT of Smashing Pumpkins lately. I got re-addicted to them when I was making a mix CD(or playlist rather) for Ishaq. It had all this alternative rock music which is his favorite.
Two TV shows that are new this season: FlashForward and Glee. Check them out. They’re two totally different shows.
The first one is where everyone in the world has a blackout and are unconscious for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. However, we know that 2 people, and only 2 people, in the whole world were actually awake. So this group that is part of the FBI are tryng to figure what caused the blackouts and why. Also, during the blackouts, everyone had a “flashforward” and saw what they were doing on April 29th which is 6 months in the future. It is v. cool.
The second show is a comedy about glee club in high school. It’s a musical kind-of, but the singing is AMAZING. Forreal forreal. And Jane Lynch is the antagonist and she is hilarious. She’s been in loads of stuff including two and a half men and role models.
Apparently, the new trend for fall is plaid. I’ve always loved plaid, so I’m pretty excited at how easy it has been to find clothes I adore.
I also cut all my hair off. I was needing short hair. It was down to near my belly button and it is now shoulder-blade length. I had actually cut it to my shoulders a couple of weeks ago, but it’s already grown about 5 inches.
Oh, I finally caved and splurged on some North Face jackets for Ishaq and I. We have never had jackets where we’ve actually been really warm. And yesterday was cold. Really cold. I had to use the heater in the car on the way to work. And it’s only the beginning of October. Usually it doesn’t get remotely chilly until way later. Which makes me think it is going to be a cold winter. Hence, the splurging. But I got them at a great deal and saved about 30 dollars on each jacket AND got free shipping which made the savings about $70. HOORAH!
Last, but not least, Rock Band is awesome. I kick butt on the drums. Just so you know.

I think that’s all for now.
I’m sorry that was horribly long. In my defense I hadn’t posted in two weeks.


My husband is adorable. Can I just say that? I think I will.
In fact, I am so impressed by him on this particular day that I’ve decided to write a whole post about him to stash away in the corners of my blog/journal.
We’ve had a few arguments the last couple of weeks. Not a lot. But more than normal for us.
To be honest, any argument over one in the span of a month (every now and then a week) is pretty rare for us. But we had a few. And as a result we were both in a funk. Cause we hate arguing. It messes up our whole day. It makes me introverted and I don’t particularly like being that way. Any day I can’t share wholeheartedly with my husband is a day wasted in my book.
So, he’s the type of guy that doesn’t consider the matter 100% resolved until we’ve seen each other in person and you can see the resolution on the other’s face.
And today, he called me and said, let’s take our lunch at the same time so that we can play chess. We like to play chess with each other through our iPhones. I readily agreed.
Two nurses were sitting behind me chattering away about their day nonstop. I sat with my hummus, pita bread, and phone chatting in between moves to my husband.
About 20 minutes into our game, I heard the nurses stop and one of them said “awww”. Curious, I looked up.

Standing right over me, was Ishaq.
Ishaq, who I had assumed was in the break room at his own job 15 minutes away, was reaching for my hand- pulling me away from the hummus and the pita.
He told me he could only stay for 2 or 3 minutes but he wanted to see me so that we could make up. I walked him outside with a huge grin on my face.

I adore my husband. He lit up my days and continuously lights up my life.
I’m so lucky.


It’s official. I am in love with the PACU. Post anesthesia care unit, that is.

Basically, this unit a is fast paced, on your toes, better know your P’s and Q’s kind of place. That’s where I went today with two other classmates. It was amazing.

Here’s how it works. There are 12 beds open. Today, they were short a nurse so we were working 8 beds. Patients roll in from the Operating Room to the PACU because that is the recovery room. Each nurse gets two beds. The first patient goes to bed 1, second patient goes to bed 3, then 5, and 7. After each nurse gets their first patient, it goes around again on the even numbers.
PACU patients are ideally there for an hour or so before being transferred out, although they are often in the unit longer for various reasons.
Patients that go home same day may go the ambulatory care area to meet with family and finish getting things settled before leaving. Patients going to the floor may have to wait in PACU until they get a bed. The other reason for the longer wait time is if the patient is unstable.
Vital signs are checked every 15 minutes and your assessments better be spot on. You also have to maintain fluids going in and make sure the dressings from surgery are dry and intact. If there is too much oozing or bleeding, you’ve got to notify the right people and potentially roll them back. Depending on what kind of surgery they had, your assessment focus changes. For example, a patient with back surgery, you want to make sure they can move their legs and still have sensation while a heart patient, you’re monitoring their rhythm strips. Those are some basic examples.

The neat thing about PACU is that it starts off slow where you’re doing nothing. Well, that bit is the only dull bit. As soon as the first surgery rolls in, you hit the ground running. The patient rolls in and you jump in. Someone is charting while someone else is hooking up their leads to the monitor while someone else is hooking up the oxygen. The level of teamwork is amazing.
The PACU nurses are unbelievable. They’ll be taking report from the CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist) and listening to the various people calling out data and charting it all at the same time. They can listen to the breath sounds to see if they’re clear or wheezing, crackling, etc while counting how many breaths they take in a minute at the same time. A task a lot easier than it sounds.

“Pt X came in a for an inguinal hernia repair this morning and is under general anesthesia. There-”
“36.4 is temp!”
“- estimated blood loss is 5ml and-”
“12 respirations, clear and equal!”
“they’re on 8L of oxygen non-rebreather mask. They”
“BP 134/83 and there’s an 18 gauge needle in the left hand!”
” have a history of smoking and asthma. Their pre-op BP was 145/95 and they”
“Dressings dry and intact.”
“were given Ancef 1gm at 0850”

That’s just an example of a report from CRNA and call-outs from the ones assessing all happening at the same time. And it all happens in about five minutes. Then you follow it up with a more in-depth look and then reassess every 15 minutes. Plus, you could have another patient to tend to at the same time.

The other thing is that when you wheel a patient out, you could come back to another one rolling in. So fast paced! I adore the fast paced environment. And everyone is so knowledgeable there. You’re always learning and seeing new surgeries or new doctors who do the surgeries in different ways. Truly fascinating.

What else is fascinating? The way people respond to anesthesia. HILARIOUS. That’s a post for another day though.

Today was busy and I got to do more today clinically than ever before. We’re taking it to a new level and today, I finally started feeling like more of a nurse and less of a NA (nursing assisstant).
I did a straight catheter for the first time on a male (human, not a dummy), an Accucheck to test glucose, prime the tubing on a drip (medication that flows through an IV), change the tubing on a drip already hung, and learned how to/successfully put on EKG leads. And then, of course, all the normal assessment things.
I also saw some neat drains that you only see straight out of surgery. There’s one drain that pulls blood out and once it’s full, you flip it and retransfuse it back into them. So awesome.

I’m back there tomorrow starting late!! The other nice thing about PACU, they are the latest starting clinicals. I don’t have to arrive until 7.30 so that I can change into my scrubs and be on the floor at 8. Hello, luxury.

My Sister is Ghetto.

Oh the life of a twelve year old.
She attends middle school and hangs out with all these kids who act differently than she does at home.
I found her on a networking website where she talks “lyke dis nd lyke dat”. She also likes to use “mi” instead of me or my thinking she’s fully hispanic when, in truth, she doesn’t know Spanish.
IT IRKS ME. To no end. Really.

She also was talking about her many boyfriends (some of who had written on her wall with pictures of themselves lifting their shirts up by the way) and who shes hugged/kissed and grinded with at the school dance. Oh and about getting in fights (which is a lie by the way).
She also had a picture of herself with some big-ass hoop earrings.

And she isn’t the only one! All these other little girls from her school are writing about the same things with a status here talking about a new relationship and a status there about a breakup. And everyone seems to be concerned about getting kissed.

I don’t know how I feel about this.

These kids are trying to grow up way too fast nowadays. How sad.