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“See you next week”

In the PICU this weekend for another round.
Just heard a mother say ‘bye’ to her child in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She followed it up with a “see you next week!” She then told me bye and that she would see me next week as well.

Later on, he turned on the TV blasting Black Eyed Peas and then Kanye West. He also said “ass” and “bitch”.

He’s four.

But he is really adorable. SO adorable. I could just put him in my pocket and take him home. He’s waiting for a new heart. I hope he gets one soon. I think he’s starting to lose some of that fighting willpower.

It might be better if he had some family to stay with him for more than a couple of hours every now and then for a little moral support.

I dunno, that’s just me.


So lame.

I admit it. I’m totally lame.
Today was class elections and I wasn’t very assertive. I can be assertive when it comes to my family or my client. But if it’s just something for myself, I don’t really like putting myself out there. Last semester, I was class VP and this semester I decided to run for President since ours was stepping down.
I was nominated for both and didn’t take my name off the VP side or really promote myself. As a result, since I was the only one listed for VP, that’s what I was elected in for again. Which is fine! I just want to be involved.
But it’s frustrating since I did all of the Presidential work last semester and now I have to be under someone who hasn’t done class government at all. After the elections she asked me if I wanted to schedule a meeting with our advisor to plan the semester. But it doesn’t really work that way. And she didn’t tell me she wanted to run. She said she was going to run for secretary but got another classmate to nominate her cause she really, really wanted to be President. Bah!

I’m frustrated with myself for never really saying when I want something. I just don’t like the chance of rejection. It’s weird and lame, I know.

I ran for office in 6th grade when I transferred into a different middle school. I didn’t realize it was a popularity contest more than anything, so I didn’t get it and was totally devastated. I didn’t run for anything again until last semester. And I kinda have that feeling again. It was bugging me all day, but I couldn’t really admit it to myself until just now. I told Ishaq and now I feel better. A lot better actually. Just some slight feelings of vulnerability.

I don’t think I’ll try again next semester, however. Blargh. What I wouldn’t give to be confident and great at public speaking.

Until then….

Financial Blues? A Rant and Rave post!


I’m quite familiar with them! Being eighteen and married is not always the puppy love fairy tale. And that’s okay. I must say that being in an apartment and having bills is nothing compared to being in a dorm on a college campus. The rules change how the game is played and, honestly, there really isn’t a game to be played in a dorm. Meal plans are laid out for you and you don’t have to think twice about how much water or electricity you use. Crank up the AC if you please!

But in an apartment? Oh no. Wear an extra sweater if you’re cold. Sit in front of a fan if you’re hot. And you don’t really need that light. Or that one. And while you’re at it, cut that shower time in half.

So, my financial life has been kicking my ass. As a wise lady once told me, “I don’t know anyone who has gotten it perfectly right.” The other week, I very gracefully freaked out thanks to my best friend, the Bank. And by gracefully, I mean horrendously in every sense of the word.

I had a check I forgot about post over the weekend. It’s no wonder I forgot about it since it posted over 3 weeks after it was originally written! Never mind that, it’s my fault, I’m not making excuses, blah.

So it posted along with a lot of little items. Now the little items had all been accounted for and budgeted for and were pending even! A coffee here, a sandwich there, another addictive trip to Target mixed in- everything was fine. And then this check posts. No pending transaction, no tentative withdrawal, just BAM, posts. So I find out that the bank’s policy is to post things from over the weekend that pile up in order of the largest amount down to the smallest amount. What does that mean for me?

It means, instead of making an overdraft fee on the one big check, it gave me 10 overdraft fees on all of the little items that came afterwards. Which is some bull. My savings account was completely depleted. You might be thinking, “completely depleted?!” but I am eighteen and have no savings, so my 200 dollars was no more.

So, I called and pitched a fit to the Bank Man about there posting order and he said he could do nothing. The Bank Man put me on hold so he could ask his manager but, strangely, was back in less than 30 seconds and claimed the manager agreed that nothing could be done. I called my husband, sad and sorry. And ashamed at my bookkeeping skills to boot. My husband took it upon himself to call and pitched a fit to the Bank Man. The Bank Man conceded and took off one of the fees. Luckily, the Bank is only allowed to post 5 fees max. So it was dropped to 4.

I think the posting order is wack still. And I’m getting better about my finances. Which leads me to my RAVE: quite possibly saved my life. In it I have been able to lay out my budget which used to be laid out neatly on pieces of paper or in crevices of my brain. It hooks up to your bank accounts and updates daily. I can see pie charts and gauge how close I am getting to hitting or going over my budget for the month. It also shows you how much you spend in one category, for example I have $12 in coffee for the month already (That’s really my husband’s new Starbucks addiction, but whatever).

The best part- it’s free. is pretty nifty also, but it charges $2.99 a month after the free 60 day trial period is over. I tested both out and, fortuanately for me, liked Mint better.

It made me financial blues better. Not go away altogether, but it sure helped a lot. I figured it might be useful to some of you as well.

If you’ve got any other ideas or methods of beating back the financial blues, let me know! I could always use another tip. If this helped you at all, then right on! This post will have been a success.

And break.

Working in the PICU

Working in the Pediatric Intensive Unit, you see all sorts of things. Which leads me to my topic for today: Child abuse.

We’ve got this kid who is totally beat up. I’m talking adult sized bruise mark to the gut, cigarette burns on the ankle, a mysterious patch of skin missing from the bottom of the foot. And a stomach that was kicked so hard that this kid’s intestines had to be cut and sewn back together because it was so damaged. And he’s two.

So, what do we do about kids like this? We have the mother who is trying to blame all this damage on an eight year old and is still trying to come in and visit like she has full parental rights. I don’t think so. Pishaw. This lady is crazy! She came in and argued with us just last week because the hospital police wouldn’t let her come in because the courts had taken away her custody.

What are your thoughts on cases like this and mothers such as this?

Let’s Talk About Palin

This is just me, but I can’t stand her.¬† And I thought her speech from September 3rd was ridiculous.

For one thing, introducing each member of her family was fine and all- but tell me how is that going to affect the common man, the working man. How is a mother of five, one of those five a newborn with DS supposed to juggle that and manage to not be at home because she got caught up in a meeting? People want to talk about Obama being away from his children? Let’s talk about Palin being away from her five. Let’s talk about Palin being away from her soon-to-be-born granddaughter.

She claims that everyone will be behind her to help love, support, and raise the baby- but if you aren’t at home then I guess you won’t be much help.

“Drill, baby, drill” was a popular slogan being chanted at the NRC that night and I could not have been more disgusted. She admits that drilling will not solve all of our problems but claims it is better than doing nothing. McCain stated in his speech that he wants to create change now so that “some other sorry generation” won’t have to clean up our messes. But drilling into Alaska and sucking it dry will do just that. Obama has got the right idea about using biodiesel fuel and working to use more renewable resources such as solar power. Those are the ideas that help solve energy problems and is a plan that is more than temporary.

Palin wants to talk about McCain’s tax breaks. Sure! Tax breaks for big business corporations. Not taxing our incomes but taxing our healthcare benefits. I think us Americans are already having enough problems with trying to afford our healthcare packages.

And when the majority leader of the Senate said that they could not stand John McCain, as Palin happily announced in her speech, he meant just what he said. You see, her trying to twist what he said and put words in his mouth about not wanting to stand up to McCain really irritated me. Because nowhere in that simple sentence, “I can’t stand McCain” does it say anything about not wanting to be able to stand up to him. And I feel that a Republican referring to our Senate, who has been supporting Bush for the last eight years, as a do-nothing Seante is probably on the wrong side. And I personally do not want a “maverick of the Senate” to be leading my country, thanks.