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Another entry

Mmmm, one more day till Isaac comes home! He’s been a a bead show with his brother bringing home the bacon.

Back history: Isaac’s dad, whom we all call Baba (pronounced Bubba), owns his own bead shope on the 15-501. <plug> It’s called Rare Earth Beads, check it out! </plug> Anyways, as a part of the business, they go out and do these shows where there are loads of vendors. Normally Baba goes with them, but for the first time they went on their own.

They left on Thursday and I’m am anxiously waiting for their return tomorrow night. Very excited!

I need to:

-fold clothes. Everything is stuffed in a laundry basket.

-go grocery shopping. Plus side, I cleaned the kitchen and the fridge. Downside, fridge is awful bare now. Luckily, yesterday was pay day.

-sleep. I’m falling asleep at my PICU desk right now.

-do anatomy test online. And sociology reading.

But most importantly, sleep. Tah-tah.

Oh! Another thing, I read an article about this guy and this girl who gave up their apartment and are embarking on a road trip across the US in their little camper tent. Very cool! I would love to do that! But after it took so long to get a washing machine, I don’t know how I’d feel about giving that up.


Hope your weekends are all going well!