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It’s Cold In Here

Nope, the title isn’t a reference to the temperature outside. It is actually a patient quote.
Let me explain.

This is a flashback to the PACU floor. At school the other day, we were having a conversation about our very first catheter insertion on a real live, breathing person.
Mine was in the PACU. My patient was super distended, in lots of pain, and asking if there was anything we could do to make him void since it was so uncomfortable.

“Sure!”, my instructor said. “What would you do in this situation?”

I assessed his stomach and found he was extremely distended. I gave him the urinal to try once more on his own and of course closed the curtain for privacy.

Straight cath was the next option. His MD happened to stroll in and checked him out. He reached the same conclusion and gave the go-ahead.

I was nervous, feeling ill prepared. I hadn’t expected to do any catheters here and hadn’t reviewed.

“Calm down,” Mrs. D said. We reviewed the steps. Easy.

So, I get to work. As I’m wiping with Betadine, my patient- still groggy from anesthesia- decides it is a good idea to start talking to me.

“Hey, just so you know, it’s really cold in here,” he said with eyes half-mast.

“Oh. Uh-huh,” I nervously reply with an awkward chuckle. I mean, what do you say to that?
I insert the catheter and am having trouble getting it past the prostate. My coassigned nurse comes over and teaches me how to “walk the catheter in” because it keeps popping back out the second I let go.

“Yeah, it’s just cold in here. Just so everyone knows,” my patient states again.
More nervous laughter.

My coassigned and I finally get the catheter in and he leaves me to drain it. It was slow going. 800ml slowly drained. (Note: never drain more than 1000ml at a time!)
And while it drained, my patient decides to triple check and make sure I knew the temperature of the room.
Hint: it was not warm.

Thanks male patient. Long story short, I successfully completed my first straight cath and it was incredibly awkward.
Any good stories from you guys?



New Skills?

Okay, so I just looked at my overview for skills lab tomorrow and I feel a little bit tense. We’re on the section for mobility, safety, and hygiene. I’m all about safety so that’s easy. Even mobility…sure, help you get up, get down, roll over.
Hygiene… this is the difficult bit. Not that hygiene in and of itself is difficult, but in skills lab, we have to practice on each other. I know there are some people who feel more comfortable practicing this on classmates first, but for me, it’s more awkward. I’m not sure how I feel about brushing the teeth of someone who sits in front of me that I dont know to well. Or washig their arms and legs.

Oh, yes. We’re washing arms, legs, brushing and flossing teeth, providing masages, learning how to put on diapers….

For me, it would be different if it were someone I didn’t know at all and who wasn’t able. Yeah, let me step right in! Classmate? Not so much. Not to mention they’ll be brushing my teeth? Oh no.

Well, not oh no come tomorrow. Ugh.

On another note, Katherine let me watch her kid on ECMO. Fascinating. And, my friend Daniel let me listen to his pt who has a heart murmur. Wow! Never heard that before. It’s like a whooshing sound.

Bah. I feel so behind. I missed one and a half lectures. ajkdhsfklhsfhsflsfj.
Freaking. Out.