M-isms #8

On why you take a diaphragm out within 24 hours: “Oh the horror stories I could tell you. We had this woman come in with a horrible infection- she had her diaphragm in for a week. Oh yes, imagine the smell that followed her around!”


It’s Official

Thanks for all your support!


M-isms #7

On African-American babies sometimes looking light-skinned when first born: “Sometimes, you gotta calm daddy down- maybe call security. They see this light baby and start thinking, I dunno, maybe mom was fooling around! But, then you show them the ears and the privates and say ‘See? They’re dark! White babies don’t look like that.'”

Unit Test #2

It’ll be quiet here today.
I’ve got a big ol’ test tomorrow on:

Contraception /infertility
Antepartal effects on fetus
Antepartal care
Fetal diagnostics
Intrapartum care
Fetal monitoring
Types of Births/Laboring Styles
Women’s Issues

So, I will be studying the day away.
Send good thoughts my way tomorrow at 0900 please! I’d appreciate it.


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Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Well, once I started getting more readers, I thought “Hey, maybe I should be super anonymous.”

As in, no pictures, identifying factors, yada yada.

But, I started this blog to keep in touch with my family.
And I’ve started talking to some pretty neat people.

So now I’m thinking, it must be kinda hard to read all this stuff and have a name with no face.
It would probably irk me.

So, I put up some pictures in the author section…which you can find here.

Pleased to meet you.


Tick Tock

One of the questions I was asked was “How many hours a day are you supposed to study in nursing school?”

Well, that all depends. It’s a lot. A LOT.
For me, it’s hard because I never had to study for school growing up. And now, there are hundreds of pages a week that need to be read.

On the first day of school, we were told that for every hour of class, we should spend three hours at home studying. Which is totally illogical. If I had a 9-1 lecture, then that means I should go home and study straight until 1am. Nevermind eating and sleeping!! There are simply not enough hours in the day.
Granted, I don’t have lecture every single day. But still, I also have to work. And that cuts down your time in half. I suppose everyone’s different too, depending on how fast you read, what methods of study you use… etc.

I’ll take a rough estimate and say between 20-30 hours a week? That’s hard. I may have to time it this week and see where I’m really at.

How about you guys? How long do you spend studying? Or, if you’ve already graduated, how long did you spend studying? Soon-to-be nursing students…any ideas on how you’ll block out chunks of study time?

Burning questions needing answers!!


I’m Awake, Promise.

Sometimes, nursing school is a bit boring. Especially with things like documentation lab. Ughhhh. First and second semester is fine, but we’ve been charting for awhile now. I even happen to be pretty good at it, according to my coassigned nurses from last semester.
During our lab last week, the 7 of us around the table all looked like we were going to fall asleep. It was the last two hours of an already excruciatingly long day.
It was one of those times where my head would be drooping and eyes were half-mast and then she would look at you real quick. So, in an effort to look like you were awake the whole time you would snap your head up real quick and smile.
And by you, I mean me. That’s what I did. I don’t think she was fooled.

What made it worse was that we’d see our classmates walk by because their lab instructors had let them out 10, 15, 20 minutes early while ours was going on tangents and kept us 5 minutes late.

Wish I had a pair of those glasses that make you look awake. Maybe next time?


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