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Lab Values

Hey everyone!

Snow day is over and it’s back to the nurse-y posts. At least for a little while…

Anyways, this has saved my life in clinicals. My coassigned on the oncology floor showed it to me and I haven’t taken a second glance back since.
Apparently, this is the way MDs write lab values, which I had never seen/heard of before. It’s called different things including fish scales and a basic lab values worksheet. There may be other ways to write it, but this is how I learned it. I looked up some samples online and the consensus seems to be the same.
Hopefully this will be helpful to someone else down the road!

This is a chem 7 basic metabolic panel.

So you’ve got:
Sodium, Chloride, BUN
Potasium, Bicarb, Creatine
with Glucose.

And then for your CBC stuff:

White Blood Cells

I love it. And, as mentioned in the comments section on a previous post, I like to put the abnormals in red. It makes it real simple. Anything else I need to add (calcium occasionally…) I put on the side, but this usually keeps me covered.




Memory tools are ever-so-useful. So here’s a quick way to remember the correct order to put on the leads that hook a patient up to the monitors. There are five leads in various colors and when in a hurry, it can get confusing. So, here’s the nitty gritty.

White on the right
Snow over grass
Smoke over fire
Brown on the ground

White Black
Green Red

Congrats! Now you know how to do a 5-lead placement!