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New Address!!

Hey there!
Just wanted to update you guys and let you know the new address. I’m in the process of expanding!

The old address still works, but this is a lot easier now.

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And Then My Head Exploded.

So there’s this girl I work with. And she’s in nursing school.
Before I begin, let me tell you- she’s a bit dim.
She thinks she knows it all…but, nevertheless, there’s some empty space up there. And I’m not trying to be mean by any means. Please don’t think that.

It’s just that this really topped the cake. Fresh icing. So, I will talk about it here. Because I don’t want to be catty and talk about it to people who actually know her.
Once again, she’s in nursing school also. She’s already got a degree so she is completing the two years for nursing stuff.
I asked her this morning how school was going.
Everything was going good apparently. Great!

Then she told me she’s only been in school 3 weeks and already has an exam on fluids and electrolytes.
Reasonable, I thought.
But then she said she didn’t think it was soon enough to have a test yet and what could they possibly test on??
Confused, I thought…well, you could have a whole test on just fluids and electrolytes. That’s a lot of information right there.

Before I could say anything, she continued.
“Yeah, and you know my health assessment class is kinda slow. I don’t feel like I’m learning anything. We learned how to give a bath and make a bed.”
I explained how the first semester is usually Nursing Aide stuff and it can be slow when you want to learn a bunch of skills. But you still have assessing to learn anyways.
To which she replied: “Oh yeah, they spend a lot of time on assessing. I mean, our end of the semester exam has a full head-to-toe assessment.”
I told her our school had that for a check-off at the end of the first semester also.

But THEN she said:
“It just seems like a waste of time. I mean, do nurses even assess anyways?”

And my head exploded.
Do they even assess anyways?! I don’t have enough font or capitals or colors to reasonably express, without being annoying, how far my jaw dropped to the floor. Do nurses assess? Really. Seriously.
Do you even know what you are going to school to learn how to do? What, exactly, do you think nurses do all day?

I stammered and quickly recovered.
Yes! Nurses assess! That drives everything. It’s the very basis of our care. We assess without realizing it. But you have to know how to do full head-to-toe so that if you know what’s normal, you can find what is abnormal. You assess even when you’re just talking to a patient and seeing their LOC (level of consciousness).Yada, yada, yada.

She responded:
“Oh. Really? Like assessing skin when giving a bed bath. I get it. Huh. I really thought it was, like, the nurse practitioner’s who assessed.”

Whatever else could explode, did. Little blood vessels I think.

“Yeah, but that’s that. But I was watching [insert name of night nurse] get out the blood and put it in the little bottles to send to the lab and I was like, man! I wish I could be doing that! You know, instead of boring head-to-toe assessments.”

There was nothing left of me, but a little puddle of shock.

I just…I don’t even know how to finish this post.



I don’t get it.
I feel like an alien who just got shown a computer for the first time.

Replace alien with myself and computer with Twitter.

Twitter users- What’s the hype? How do I get hyped? Should I even get hyped? Stop tweeting while I’m ahead?

I dunno.


That’s me. And I have a grand total of 3 followers.
with it.

If I don’t figure out how to use it, it will just sit there taking up valuable megabytes.
Until I give up, follow me. Or tell me how to follow you.
Surely, I’ll get the hang of it?


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I’m Not the Only One?!

It’s hit or miss some mornings, but most days, my windshield is frosty.

I’m so terrible about going out and getting the car started before I’m ready. I mean, it’s a Catch-22 right? Can’t go out cause I’m not dressed yet and it’s too cold. By the time I’m ready enough, it’s time to leave. And then, by that point I’ve gotta go to avoid being late.

On the rare occasions I get out to my car early, by the time I get out there…the window is still frosty!! It always clears faster if the car is actually moving. But you can’t move if you can’t see, right?

The other day in class, a peer of mine started talking about how he drives to school looking through the frost.
Hey, me too!
He had the same reasoning even.
Awesome! Someone understands!
Even down to the bending over and looking through the little cleared part on the bottom.
Wow, long lost twin!!

Just glad to see I wasn’t the only one.

Another classmate walked by saying “Oh wow! I do that too!!”

[I know my mother will probably be mad at me if she reads this so here is a pre-emptive apology]

Thanks for understanding.


Fetus? Embryo? College Student?

[cue dramatic rambling]

My mom sent a facebook link to a girl I knew from preschool. She’s gorgeous! It’s crazy to see how people grow up. I mean, you remember someone in your head as this little kid, this little 4 year old, right? Then you see a picture of this beautiful grown woman and you’re told it is the same person. Mindexplosion!!

I was on the phone with my mom while I looked at the picture and could only think…geez, why don’t I look like that? And that isn’t to compare in a physical way such as height or whatnot. But I have always looked young for my age. Way young. I still look like I just entered high school! Granted, I don’t straighten my hair all the time or know how to get perfect curls everyday (I kind of luck out when that happens) and I don’t do that foundation business. I only like eye make-up and maybe some lip gloss.

I distinctly recall being in high school (sopohmore I believe), going to a restuarant with my family…and being handed a kids menu. TEN AND UNDER.

So does this mean I’m doomed to look underage forever? Nooo!!!!
I told my mom I looked like an embryo. She said I was exaggerating.
I tried to use a zygote as a better metaphor.
She only laughed.

My plight continues.

[end rambling]


[photo cred here.]


Just working at the PICU today.
Haven’t written because of exhaustion. I’m pleased to share, however, that clinicals is done with and I’ve only got a couple of days left.
I’m working on my 33rd of 36 hours needing to be logged from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So, needless to say, I am not terribly coherent.

I promise to update over the Thanksgiving Break.

(PS- one of the nurses insisted on playing a radio station with Xmas music on it. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet! What the heck!?)

Screw You.

Today was a rough day. Third day out of three means, the last stretch of 36 hours since Friday.
Which means, I probably wouldn’t have been in a good mood anyways.

But then.
I keep getting bugged at work because I never bake/cook anything to bring it in. Usually because I never know about since I’m an HUC and we don’t necessarily get all the memos for potlucks like the nurses do.
So, last night [after work, mind you] I stayed up and made a batch of cupcakes. Ishaq’s favorite. I took the extra to work. Close to twenty to be exact.
One of the nurses, ate one and didn’t like it. Which is fine, not everyone likes everything. No big deal. But she made such a big deal about it that no one else wanted to try any.
She didn’t know I was the one who had made them. And I don’t think she knows I heard.
And I shouldn’t care.

But, some part of me was devastated.

Later tonight, at the in-laws house, Ishaq was trying to make me feel better. He asked his mum about the cupcakes from the wedding. He asked if she had liked them and she made an embarrassed face and turned beet red.
Which makes me mad. Not because she didn’t like them. But because, why didn’t anyone tell me they were bad?!??!
I served these at my wedding, for Christsake. I took these into work.
I wouldn’t have been offended if they were bad. I even did a test run and everyone said they were great.

It’s so embarrassing. Humiliating. Devastatingly so.

I told Ishaq I may never bake again. That’s how poorly I feel.
And if I do, it won’t be from scratch.
I feel that all the joy and love that I used to feel from baking has been sucked out of me.

At least for now.

And to the nurse, the one so kind enough to be a complete and utter bitch as to not care who the baker was, and to be completely insensitive [even if it weren’t me- she had no clue who it was. it could have been anyone standing around], I say: Screw You. Oh, and the big red splotch on your mouth you were worried about all day really does look like Herpes no matter what you say.

[excuse the cattiness. it’s late, i’m bitter, i’m sleep deprived]

On another note: 3 weeks of break is over, and school starts tomorrow. I plan to write more regularly again.