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January Snow

Here are the promised snow pictures…enjoy!


[oh hi there! it’s me.]

[husband + brothers-in-law = action shot]

[view of the backyard from the deck]

[husband sledding]

[cats see snow for the second time]



Snowed In

My car wouldn’t make it out of the driveway! Too much ice.
Ishaq’s car did, however.

So, we spent yesterday at his parents house sledding with his brothers and watching movies.
It was a little too icy to go home, so we’re still here.
I just woke up and Ishaq is asleep behind me.

Pictures to come as soon as I get home!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!


[PS- more nurse-y posts will be written when I get home]

Let It Snow

It’s snowing!

I’ll take pictures later.

I am from California. I have never seen so much snow outside of my house in my life!!
I am super excited!

[It’s only a few inches]



Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Well, once I started getting more readers, I thought “Hey, maybe I should be super anonymous.”

As in, no pictures, identifying factors, yada yada.

But, I started this blog to keep in touch with my family.
And I’ve started talking to some pretty neat people.

So now I’m thinking, it must be kinda hard to read all this stuff and have a name with no face.
It would probably irk me.

So, I put up some pictures in the author section…which you can find here.

Pleased to meet you.


SO many clothes!!

Ah, the purging. It’s one of my new year’s resolutions. It’s a painful one. SO painful. I’ve filled up two garbage bags. Its amazing. I’ve shrunk my closet considerably. And yet I still have a bunch of clothes. Who knew how many things I could cram into drawers??

I’ve also brought up a bookcase from the basement into the office to be used properly. My nursing books have taken over and it’s just ridiculous. So, after a bit of rearranging I’ve got new storage! And my bedroom closet looks more normal.

It feels good.

I’ve got a bit more tidying up to do on Sunday since I work tomorrow. And then, I should be ready for third semester of the beast that is known as Nursing School.

(pictures are coming- I promise!)

Hope your holidays were amazing!


I have way too much crap and clutter. A lot of it has traveled with me from California. And a lot of it is clothes. I don’t hoard clothes nor am I a shopaholic. It’s just, I’ve been roughly the same size since sophomore year (aside from the jeans). So things accumulate and when I buy something new, I don’t always throw away older shirts because they still fit.

So I’m going to attempt to throw stuff away and clear my mind and head.


Black Banded

I’m a bad blogger. But with finals and Black Banding, work, and a husband and kittens to tend to- there were just not enough hours in the day!
So…updates. I crammed for my final. I got a 75 on it which made me nervous. The course requires an 80 as a passing grade and I got a 79.94 which rounds to an 80. I was a nervous wreck all last weekend because I had calculated it correctly but wouldn’t get the official word until Monday.
Luckily, I passed.
If I hadn’t, I would have had to go back to first semester b/c of the changing curriculum and that would have been $12,000 wasted down the drain.

Yesterday was my Black Banding ceremony. All the passing second semester students get pinned by a RN of their choosing which signifies that moving up into the position of upper class nursing student. Woo-hoo! My momma pinned me which made me want to cry. It was great! My wonderful husband was their filming and my awesome mother-in-law came as well. Afterwards, we all went out to eat at Ihop which was yummy.

Then Ishaq and I went to an art museum and then went home and slept.

Oh crap! I forgot to pick up my retainers yesterday and I need to call about that. I lost them when I moved cross country and by the time I found them- my teeth had already shifted. I’ve been without them for about 4 years now, so I decided I should get another set before my teeth move anymore. That would suck.

Ishaq and I have been eating healthier lately..ever since the nutrition project a couple of weeks ago. I feel great. And have actually been craving healthy foods like apples and carrots instead of cookies and chips all the time. Which is a nice change.

My house is a hot mess. Mreh.

I will [attempt] to update this more often.


photo from here