M-isms #8

On why you take a diaphragm out within 24 hours: “Oh the horror stories I could tell you. We had this woman come in with a horrible infection- she had her diaphragm in for a week. Oh yes, imagine the smell that followed her around!”

  1. Um, how do people not notice their smells?! I’ve cared for two patients who actually had foul-smelling yeast infections of their SKIN, and they did not seem to even notice. Yuck! I can just imagine the infected diaphragm odor . . . *shudder*

  2. lol! my great uncle is a retired doctor and he’s a lot like your professor. when he first came to the US from the Philippines in 1972, he would tell his patients if they smelled or make totally inappropriate comments about their hygiene. my aunt said it was normal for him to make some patients cry. he eventually learned he couldn’t say what he wanted and get away with it but i still crack up when i hear the stories.

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