I’m Awake, Promise.

Sometimes, nursing school is a bit boring. Especially with things like documentation lab. Ughhhh. First and second semester is fine, but we’ve been charting for awhile now. I even happen to be pretty good at it, according to my coassigned nurses from last semester.
During our lab last week, the 7 of us around the table all looked like we were going to fall asleep. It was the last two hours of an already excruciatingly long day.
It was one of those times where my head would be drooping and eyes were half-mast and then she would look at you real quick. So, in an effort to look like you were awake the whole time you would snap your head up real quick and smile.
And by you, I mean me. That’s what I did. I don’t think she was fooled.

What made it worse was that we’d see our classmates walk by because their lab instructors had let them out 10, 15, 20 minutes early while ours was going on tangents and kept us 5 minutes late.

Wish I had a pair of those glasses that make you look awake. Maybe next time?


[photo cred here.]

    • travelistarn
    • January 23rd, 2010

    Haha I can totally relate except it’s from sitting in 5 hour meetings for most of the work week. I get jealous of my coworkers who actually do fall alseep and don’t care that everyone knows while I am fighting to keep my head upright and my eyes open. Those glasses would make a great gag gift for my coworkers!

  1. Love the picture! hahaha

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