Your Cervix Is How Huge?

Before I begin, I’d like to say that I got a 99 on my group project. Heck yes! Now, check out our nifty cervical dilation board that got passed around in class the other day. Note: I got a couple of glances for taking a picture of it at my desk. Oh well.

Not gonna lie though- this class is scaring the bejeezus out of me about birthing babies.
I mean, look at that big ol’ circle!! And that’s only 8 cm…you need to get to TEN CM to pop that baby out.

How can something get so wide between your legs?!??! Not to be crude. But really.

My husband wants 4 or 5 kids since he comes from a big family and has 4 brothers of his own.
“That’s fine!!” says I pre-baby-semester.
Then school started and I see all of this craziness.
“Let’s start with one and see where life takes us” says the me in the present.

He’s not too happy about that, but I told him when babies start popping out between his legs, then he can decide.


  1. That board is awesome! Great job! At first I thought it was something from lab or the hospital, but wow even better that you guys made it. =)

  2. Whoa! Thats some vivid imagery you got there! hehe.

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