How Productive

Today was the NA exam. I was dreading it…not because it was difficult skills, but because you have to do all these things while someone is staring at you and silently making notes.

Let me back up. Today is also a mandatory day at school for our group presentations on Women’s Issues. Last week, I called the NA people to see about scheduling myself for a day since I hadn’t gotten any verification that they received my application. Apparently they received it on the 4th and had scheduled me for today. They sent a letter, but I never received one, and neither did my classmate.
“Is there any way to reschedule?” I asked. I got the run around and a big no because of I didn’t call within a time frame from when they got my application…but they handbook says you can call 7 days in advance and reschedule with no charge.
I had to go at 0800 for the written test which was super easy. We had two hours to do 70 questions. I finished in 25 minutes and then had to wait THREE AND A HALF HOURS to do my skills portion. They scheduled 6 people to go at 1000 and yet they can only take two at a time. So my 1000 scheduled time was pushed back to 1145.

The skills part came next. I was nervous and sweaty and shaking. We got the tour of where everything was (supplies, clean supplies, dirty hold, soilied linen, etc).
My skills were:
Washing Hands (mandatory by all)
Weighing and Recording my partner
Passive Range of Motion on one shoulder
Positions on one side
Foot Care

Overall I think I got off pretty easy. And I passed!!! Meaning that in a few days, I will be licensed and registered as a Nurse Aide I. Then, I can send off my paperwork for my Nurse Aide II which we get automatically after completing second semester.

Then I ran back to school, changed quickly into professional attire (a nice dress and heels) and did a presentation on the Prevention and Identification of Breast Cancer in Women.

What a day! Then I came home (to a lovely lunch made by my husband…thanks!) and slept. Now I’m watching a bunch of TV shows with Ishaq before bed. Luckily, I have tomorrow off of work. G’night.


  1. congrats on passing your NA test….150 hour certification, I presume? I take mine in February…already have the 75, just need the additional for LPN school in the fall! Love the blog! Good luck!

    • Thanks!! Actually, with our school if we pass first semester, we’re given a certificate so that we can go take the NA I exam. If we have that and survive second semester, we’re automatically bumped up to NA II after submitting all the paperwork. I’ve procrastinated and just got around to getting everything.

      Thanks for the compliment and good luck to you too!
      Oh, and your new site looks amazing! I’ve added it to my daily reading.

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