Volunteer Abroad

I’m working on creating a program through my school to get a group of us to go abroad to another country and volunteer.
It is something I have always wanted to do. There is also a big interest at school.
There are two programs within the same financial range that looks promising. One is to Peru and the other is to Guatemala. The program is around 450 and with the plane ticket, we’re looking at 900 bucks to go. All the lodging and food is paid for and it’s supposed to be really amazing.
The cool thing is that you have to sign up individually so people from outside of our school can go as well (maybe my friend, the Dutchman from home…).

I’m very excited. There’s an interest meeting this Wednesday with one of the instructors who has a church group going to Nicaragua, so that is a possibility as well.

I promise to keep you in the loop as the program [hopefully] takes shape.

In the meantime, any ideas on fundraising?


    • mercutio
    • January 19th, 2010

    sorry, but is there any particular reason why your website design changes every day?

    • nope, i just couldn’t decide on one i liked and could live with. i think this is it though.
      sorry for the annoyance!

    • Elias
    • January 21st, 2010

    Do it! youd love it!

  1. Some restaurants have fund raising opportunities. I know I’ve seen fliers passed around school if you go and such-and-such date present the flier, part of the proceeds goes to your group.

    This is a great idea, btw. A group of nursing students from my class went to Costa Rica and Nicaragua over the summer. He said it was a great experience!

  2. I mean *they* said it was a great experience… where’s an edit button when you need one? lol

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