I’m Not the Only One?!

It’s hit or miss some mornings, but most days, my windshield is frosty.

I’m so terrible about going out and getting the car started before I’m ready. I mean, it’s a Catch-22 right? Can’t go out cause I’m not dressed yet and it’s too cold. By the time I’m ready enough, it’s time to leave. And then, by that point I’ve gotta go to avoid being late.

On the rare occasions I get out to my car early, by the time I get out there…the window is still frosty!! It always clears faster if the car is actually moving. But you can’t move if you can’t see, right?

The other day in class, a peer of mine started talking about how he drives to school looking through the frost.
Hey, me too!
He had the same reasoning even.
Awesome! Someone understands!
Even down to the bending over and looking through the little cleared part on the bottom.
Wow, long lost twin!!

Just glad to see I wasn’t the only one.

Another classmate walked by saying “Oh wow! I do that too!!”

[I know my mother will probably be mad at me if she reads this so here is a pre-emptive apology]

Thanks for understanding.


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