Fetus? Embryo? College Student?

[cue dramatic rambling]

My mom sent a facebook link to a girl I knew from preschool. She’s gorgeous! It’s crazy to see how people grow up. I mean, you remember someone in your head as this little kid, this little 4 year old, right? Then you see a picture of this beautiful grown woman and you’re told it is the same person. Mindexplosion!!

I was on the phone with my mom while I looked at the picture and could only think…geez, why don’t I look like that? And that isn’t to compare in a physical way such as height or whatnot. But I have always looked young for my age. Way young. I still look like I just entered high school! Granted, I don’t straighten my hair all the time or know how to get perfect curls everyday (I kind of luck out when that happens) and I don’t do that foundation business. I only like eye make-up and maybe some lip gloss.

I distinctly recall being in high school (sopohmore I believe), going to a restuarant with my family…and being handed a kids menu. TEN AND UNDER.

So does this mean I’m doomed to look underage forever? Nooo!!!!
I told my mom I looked like an embryo. She said I was exaggerating.
I tried to use a zygote as a better metaphor.
She only laughed.

My plight continues.

[end rambling]


[photo cred here.]

  1. Amazing how we can freeze those people from long ago in our minds, isn’t it? Wait until you see how ancient people are at your 20 year HS reunion…you wont be, but my God they sure will be.

    • Oh gosh. I can’t even imagine the twenty year reunion…something to think about for sure.

  2. BUT.
    Think how old you are mentally, and then it evens out. =)

    • Amber
    • January 18th, 2010

    First of all… let me just say this about that…

    When I was young I hated my dark skin. The kids used to tease me about it.. Now I love my coloring and now I also know that I will be later to get wrinkles than all of them! Yay.

    Looking young is a good thing. Remember, just like being carded all of the time for alcohol: Enjoy it whilst it lasts… some day it won’t happen and you’ll feel old!

    • Ahhh….I can’t even drink alcohol yet lol!!!
      And woo-hoo to later wrinkles!

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