We Are Family

I love how, for the most part, everyone feels like a big family in nursing school. There’s the cousin you can’t stand and the aunt who always tries to be in the spotlight…but you’re all still there for each other.

One of the girls in my class is pregnant and found out the sex of the baby today. The ultrasound pics were exciting! A guy in my class is about to become a father for the first time which is also amazing.

It’s the perfect time too, since we’re learning about the mama’s and babies.

We learned about nesting today. Nesting occurs about 24-48 hours before labor begins. It doesn’t happen to every woman nor does it always happen in that exact time period however.
Basically, it is a big spurt of energy the future mom gets and she starts feeling the urge to run around, clean, decorate, cook, etc. etc.
As soon as theory instructor, M.M, said that, the future papa’s eyes got big as saucers and a small “uh-oh” escaped him. Apparently, his wife just started doing that.

How cute!!!

Labor is less cute. We watched videos on both live births and C-sections this week. Best birth control ever, I tell ya.


[photo cred here.]

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