It’s That Time Again

First day of the new semester today.
We spent a couple of hours in orientation and the traditional ‘get to know you’ activities.

Then it was right back to it!! Skills lab for urine dips, hemoccults (testing for blood in stool), and nitrazine paper (testing for amniotic fluid…done for women who think there water is breaking when pregnant and have been “leaking”) checkoffs were all completed.
We were a half hour late for lunch and had to shave 15 minutes off of it so that we could go home on time.

I think third semester is settling in quite nicely.

The classroom is a lot roomier with so many people gone now 😦
Everyone was more spread out.

I like my theory instructor a lot. She’s hilarious. And she has been in the medical field for over 46 years. And apparently knows all there is to know on mamas and babies. Which is what this whole semester happens to be about.

I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been waiting for pediatrics since Day ONE.
There I go again with the excitement.

Back to the books for now though. Already have reading to do, a test next Monday, and a group project due in two weeks on breast cancer prevention for women.

As my N-2000 instructor likes to say in her long, southern drawl: “We’re movin’ on up! You’re gonna hit the ground runnin’!!”


[photo cred here.]

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