SO many clothes!!

Ah, the purging. It’s one of my new year’s resolutions. It’s a painful one. SO painful. I’ve filled up two garbage bags. Its amazing. I’ve shrunk my closet considerably. And yet I still have a bunch of clothes. Who knew how many things I could cram into drawers??

I’ve also brought up a bookcase from the basement into the office to be used properly. My nursing books have taken over and it’s just ridiculous. So, after a bit of rearranging I’ve got new storage! And my bedroom closet looks more normal.

It feels good.

I’ve got a bit more tidying up to do on Sunday since I work tomorrow. And then, I should be ready for third semester of the beast that is known as Nursing School.

(pictures are coming- I promise!)

Hope your holidays were amazing!

    • Lynda O
    • January 2nd, 2010

    Hoo, me too. Where do they all come from and why is it so difficult for me to weed them out? I must have 40 pairs of pants and yet something in me screams “no!!!!” My husband just shakes his head and makes his tiny pile even littler…

    And then there are the books… oh mamamama the books. Ones I will Never read, Ones I will read the first chapter of, a few I will finish, tons i will never touch except to dust the damn things once a year.

    Onward we go and keep trying, baby-stepping our way to less stuff and more mindfulness. You have my respect and admiration for going thru school as you are.

  1. Wow, thanks so much! That means a lot.

    And it’s good to know I’m not the only one struggling with the overflowing closets either!

    Hope your holidays were wonderful =]

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