Gives Me Hope.

There is this website called Gives Me Hope which is made by the same folks who made F my Life. Anyways, this site is for people to upload statements about what occurred in their lives, something they witnessed, felt, etc- and the only stipulation is that it ends with GMH (Gives me hope).

ex: “I come from a large family where money is tight. My dad has called me a few times asking if the gift wrapped christmas gifts the kids have recieved are from me. They aren’t. Today I found a pile of reciepts belonging to my girlfriend, for all the gifts my siblings have annonomously recieved. GMH.”

You can check out that nifty website here.

I promise I have a point to all of this. Anyways, there was this kid on my floor who had awful lungs. Needed a double transplant and got one too. This kid was in the hospital for ages. AGES!
I saw them and their guardian today- they were headed home. How awesome is that?

People always ask/assume that working in the PICU is depressing. Why would anyone want to work in the pediatric ICU?
It’s days like today that really remind you.
It’s cause miracles happen there. Babies live. Children get a second chance at a normal childhood. They get to go home with their parents in time for Christmas.

That gives me hope.


[photo cred here]

  1. Liane. You need to not leave websites like Gives Me Hope around for me to stumble upon, because the holidays always make me really emotional and then I read things on sites like “Gives Me Hope” and I almost cry. So, for me to save face? Thanks.

    Kidding, of course. Not about me crying. Just about you posting them 🙂

    Loves ya.

    Happy 2010!

  2. Oh no! Well, I love you too and would love to see you whenever you’re home!!

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