Be nice to your HUC.

HUC: aka Health Unit Coordinators. Sometimes pronounced ‘huck’. Often referred to as the unit secretary.

For the record- we do more than just answer phones. We’re security. We’re your calendar. your Roledex. 411- Information. Guides. Pickup and delivery. Counselor with a shoulder to lean on for the families. Play pal for the patient. We know where everything is in the unit. We know where everyone is in the unit. And while some of you have between 1 and 6 patients, we have between 16-32. Because they are all our patients.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is- don’t take advantage of your HUC. Because we can choose to put you at the bottom of our list of things to do. For every request you ask of us, you can be sure another 3 nurses have beaten you to the punch.

I understand your need to delegate. I am in nursing school after all.
Do not delegate things to me when you are sitting and looking up blogs and/or Googling.
Do not send me to go get your blood when you are talking/Googling before I leave and after I return.
Do not sit at my desk and then complain that I asked you to hit the button and open the doors.
Do not sit at my desk, move my things, begin to chart, and then ask me if I needed my desk when I only stepped away to put your orders away.
When the newer nurses ask me how to do something in the CPOE system for themselves, don’t laugh about how it’s just easier to delegate when you’re standing right in front of me…because, well, it makes me want to find an excuse to ignore any and all of your requests.

It’s a very simple list. We love to help! So, don’t be rude. Okay? Thanks.


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