Black Banded

I’m a bad blogger. But with finals and Black Banding, work, and a husband and kittens to tend to- there were just not enough hours in the day!
So…updates. I crammed for my final. I got a 75 on it which made me nervous. The course requires an 80 as a passing grade and I got a 79.94 which rounds to an 80. I was a nervous wreck all last weekend because I had calculated it correctly but wouldn’t get the official word until Monday.
Luckily, I passed.
If I hadn’t, I would have had to go back to first semester b/c of the changing curriculum and that would have been $12,000 wasted down the drain.

Yesterday was my Black Banding ceremony. All the passing second semester students get pinned by a RN of their choosing which signifies that moving up into the position of upper class nursing student. Woo-hoo! My momma pinned me which made me want to cry. It was great! My wonderful husband was their filming and my awesome mother-in-law came as well. Afterwards, we all went out to eat at Ihop which was yummy.

Then Ishaq and I went to an art museum and then went home and slept.

Oh crap! I forgot to pick up my retainers yesterday and I need to call about that. I lost them when I moved cross country and by the time I found them- my teeth had already shifted. I’ve been without them for about 4 years now, so I decided I should get another set before my teeth move anymore. That would suck.

Ishaq and I have been eating healthier lately..ever since the nutrition project a couple of weeks ago. I feel great. And have actually been craving healthy foods like apples and carrots instead of cookies and chips all the time. Which is a nice change.

My house is a hot mess. Mreh.

I will [attempt] to update this more often.


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