Guess Who’s Back? Back Again…

Hey! Basically, we’re getting down to the wire and my attention has been thrown full throttle into projects, papers, and tests.
The last test, I didn’t do so hot on…meaning more throttling at full force.

Also, clinicals is wiping me out. Now that the specialties are over, we are doing full patient care and charting for 8 hours a day every Wednesday and Thursday.

Here is a typical clinical day (for me on an orthopedic floor which is my current rotation):
0800: arrive on floor
0815: get assignment, greet patient, fill out CPS form with history and lab values, print off nursing rounds report, print off physician orders and write down what each order is for, have all of this done and ready for group report at 0930.
0845-0900: start patient assessment, assist with breakfast if necessary, mouth care, anything else they need
0930: group report.
1000: patient assessment/medication administration/vital signs/
1030: chart assessment, chart meds
1100: chart treatments (ADLs, safety, mobility, equipment, etc)
1130: get patient up and eating lunch/medicated before physical therapy. I also seem to answer family questions at this time since this is usually when they start showing up.
1200: IV assessment, chart said IV assessmet
1215: go to lunch
1245: return from lunch, check on patient. if they are out with PT then change linens and tidy up room.
1300: get patient back in bed. bed bath if needed and dressing change
1330-1345: chart treatments again (same as before but also including dressing change/wounds now)
1400: next set of vitals and chart those
1430: report off to nurse and leave floor for the day. go downstairs for post-clinical conference.
1500: go home!!

Of course, anything else needing to be done gets squeezed in. Last week, I had to advocate for my client and set up PT/OT consults (which hadn’t been set up yet even though my client was already a day postop and this could have delayed their discharge by a day!). I also had to set up a Social Work consult since there were reluctances about going home. I adored my patient last week. She said I was really sweet and seemed genuinely disappointed that I wouldn’t be coming back after my two days with her. It was awesome to have the same patient two days in a row. It was very different…I liked it!

Anyways, back to the grind tomorrow. Teal stethoscope and all.

  1. Unless you object, I want to place a link back to your nice blog from my nursing website.

  2. Wow, thank you so much! Please keep visiting and commenting! I’ll be sure to visit yours as well.

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