BFFL. [pronounced biffle]
best friends for life.

I talk about Ishaq a lot on here. He’s in my day-to-day so he comes up often.
A lot of times, I feel poor, financially speaking of course.
But, days like today make me realize how rich I am.
Super rich.
Like, better than Bill Gates rich.

My bffl’s.

The Dutchman who, ironically, became one of my closest friends after I flew 3000 miles away from him not long after meeting him. Who knew that myspace and AIM would find me one of my lifemates? I don’t talk to him often enough. I hardly ever get to see him. But I love him SO much. Really. I mean, how many other 20 year olds would fly across the country for a wedding? I plan to fly out when he graduates. I also want to see one of his concert gigs.
He’s great and my kittens love him. Win win.
One girl is gonna be super lucky to have him one day.

Dot, is my other half. She lives four hours away. Way too far in my opinion. One day, we’ll be close enough to have impromptu movie and ice cream nights again. I adore her. To know end. She’s a wise a soul. I would love to be in her brain for a day. I feel like she has a lot of really neat, in depth thoughts that she doesn’t always feel the need to talk about. I love that when we talk all the time, it’s great. And when we sit in silence, it’s just as great.
She is beautiful inside and out. And is always there when I need her.

Sam-I-Am is the coolest twelve year old ever. Who else could be so fun in the middle of the afternoon dancing randomly and exchanging good music with? She is the most blunt person I know and has a strong sense of who she is, what she likes, and what she doesn’t like. She cuts through the bullshit and inspires me in a lot of ways. And…she cracks me up. That girl is hilarious.

Anyways, I appreciate them to no end. I just feel lucky.

In other news, I think Balloon Boy all over the news is a waste of media coverage. And House is particularly good this season.

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