Working in a hospital, you see tons of names. Every day all day. And some of those names are less conventional than others. Nowadays, people are trying to be as creative as possible with names.
One of my coworkers is pregnant and we were looking at some names online. Some of those were names I had never heard of before as well!

So, without further ado, here are some of the most [what I find to be] unique names out there. Some I’ve seen personally, some are stories from coworkers, some are from baby name websites online. Meaning a giant mix and no one is being identified specifically, so take that HIPPA!

Neveah (heaven spelled backwards)
Lorangelo (lemon-orange jello)
kleenexia tissuette (kleenex tissue)
ABCD (prounounced ab-sih-dee)
La-a (pronounced la-dash-uh. the dash is silent)

I’m sure there are more I can’t think of now. What are the craziest names you’ve heard of?

Side note: I never realized how many people put up polls on website for people to vote for their favorite name out of a group and then [possibly] use that to name their child. Crazy!!
Here’s a website that we looked at for baby name polls:

It’s slightly addicting, beware!

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