My brain is dead.

Soooo, I probably bombed that first test. Things aren’t looking promising based off of that group test.
How unfortunate.
Like mid-70s is what I’m thinking. Or hoping for. I think around a 75? If its worse I’ll just curl up in the fetal position.
Anything below an 80 is failing.

Screw you first test of the semester. You too lucky pencil. I didn’t want to be friends anyways.

See, we have 75 minutes to take the test. And then we have an additional 45 minutes to take the test again in a group. If the group gets an A, you get an additional 3 points on your test. B’s get 2 more points and C’s get 1 point.
I finished with about 15-20 minutes to spare and was only the fifth one done. I have never used so much time on the tests. Ever. Usually the whole class is done in an hour and we go ahead and get started with the group testing. EVERYONE looked horrified after it was over. Some people didn’t even finish in time. After the last question was bubbled in on my group’s test, one of the girls just put her head in her hands and bawled.


Even the brainiacs of first semester looked a bit shooken up.

Here were the topics for the test:
Fluid and Electrolytes, Electrolyte Imbalances (hyponatremia, hypernatremia, hypokalemia, hyperkalemia,etc etc), IV fluids (hypo, iso, and hypertonic), Cancer, Death and Dying, Operating Room (pre-, intra-, and post- op), PACU

All wrapped up nice and snug into 50 questions.

We then had pre-clinical conference/skills practice for 2 hours in preparation of the dreaded simulation lab which made at least 4 people cry in the last group.

My brain is dead.

    • stinadotme
    • August 24th, 2009

    What a horrible sounding test. 😦 I am sure you did alright though! You seem very smart so I think you could have handled it. πŸ™‚

    I had a few like that last year, but things always turned out alright. Everyone in the class would be positive they bombed it, (the test I am thinking of as I write this I wasn’t absolutely sure if I did horrible or not) and then tests were handed back and I got the highest mark on the test. Ahh what a good test that was.

    You never know, maybe you’ll have the same luck as I did for the one test and get the highest mark. πŸ™‚

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