You know you’ve been in nursing school too long when…

Yesterday was a full day of clinicals. Got out at three and worked on my paperwork and then gave my brother-in-law a ride home. I got home finally a little before six and studied until Ishaq got off of work.
We had a lovely dinner date at PF Changs and then went home to watch a movie. I had to type up one more thing before Friday at 11, so I decided to do it before dinner.
Ishaq was on the computer so I rested my head against his shoulder for just a moment.


I was knocked out cold. He kept trying to wake me up so I could do my homework and would say “Do you want me to wake you up in an hour?”
Sure, I mumbled.
An hour passed and he tried to wake me up again.
“Hey, you’ve got to do your homework now sweetie.”
“But, he doesn’t have any respirations,” I replied.
“What?” Ishaq asked me befuzzled.
“I just don’t know.”
“Well,” he tried again, “do you want to get up yet?”
“No, no he doesn’t have any respirations. I’ll set my alarm for the morning.”

I’m not one of those people who can remember dreams, but I so wish I were. It sounds like an interesting one.

    • studentrntiffany
    • August 22nd, 2009

    Funny…I once woke up saying….”Ma’am please dont pull on your foley” My hubby was roaring laughing!

  1. Oh, wow! That’s hilarious! Haha

  2. Ahh… the memories.
    Hang in there… it’s all worth it. Really, it is.

  3. Oh, the memories! I woke up one morning and stumbled out to the kitchen and was found mumbling “must find call light, must answer it”! It was my alarm that had gone off! I thought it was a call light and was trying to find the central unit to look which patient it was.

  1. September 17th, 2009

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