My Sister is Ghetto.

Oh the life of a twelve year old.
She attends middle school and hangs out with all these kids who act differently than she does at home.
I found her on a networking website where she talks “lyke dis nd lyke dat”. She also likes to use “mi” instead of me or my thinking she’s fully hispanic when, in truth, she doesn’t know Spanish.
IT IRKS ME. To no end. Really.

She also was talking about her many boyfriends (some of who had written on her wall with pictures of themselves lifting their shirts up by the way) and who shes hugged/kissed and grinded with at the school dance. Oh and about getting in fights (which is a lie by the way).
She also had a picture of herself with some big-ass hoop earrings.

And she isn’t the only one! All these other little girls from her school are writing about the same things with a status here talking about a new relationship and a status there about a breakup. And everyone seems to be concerned about getting kissed.

I don’t know how I feel about this.

These kids are trying to grow up way too fast nowadays. How sad.

  1. I’m so old and such a nerd that I firmly believe in ratting people out! : )

    Seriously, as a mom, I would want to know YESTERDAY if my 12-year-old was doing this.

    Will she listen to her big sister? If so, it might be good to talk to her about this. The internet is great – I live on it and so did my kids, but we had many a talk on what was safe and not safe.

  2. Well, my mom had to find out since she was running up the cell phone bill…. Yikes!
    But she’s one of those kids that thinks she’s too smart to hit any trouble. Gonna keep an eye on that šŸ™‚

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