Typical Week

I got asked what a typical week for a nursing student is. A couple of my friends and I both have to work- which we try to squeeze in on the weekends.
Being in second semester, I have class Mondays and Tuesdays and clinicals on Wednesdays and Thursdays. So here it is.

Monday: Attend class from 9-1 or 9-3. If I have a test, I get to go from 9-11 and go home. After class, there are sometimes optional review sessions to attend. If there is a specialty clinical later in the week (like OR, PACU, Oncology), we attend a pre-clinical conference from 1-4.
Then go home and read.
Tuesday: Finish up lectures from 9-3. Attend any study session after school. Finish up lecture assignments. Read. Work on pre-clinical paperwork (such as care plan tools, medication administration sheets, etc)and prep for the next day.
I also try to squeeze in a couple of games of Halo and an episode or two of Cops with Ishaq on lecture nights 🙂
Wednesday: Clinicals from anywhere between 6-4 depending on the location.
Go home and do the journals, blog, and care planning paperwork. Then prep for the next day.
Thursday: Clinicals again. Go home and finish blog, and care planning paperwork because it’s due by Friday at 11am.
Friday: Day off!!! But I work from 8a-8.30p
Saturday: Work from 8a-8.30p.
Afterwards is date night. Dinner in bed with a movie or TV show on Netflix.
Sunday: True day off!! Catch up on housecleaning, grocery shopping, and reading for the week.

Tips and tricks to surving:
Take books everywhere. I leave a book or two in my car. You never know when you can catch up on reading.
Do something other than school to break it up or you will go crazy.
If you have to work, take one day off a week where you don’t have work or school because you will burn out. It’s okay if you do some homework at home, but that one day will mean a lot.

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