Second Semester Has Begun.

I got my wedding photos in the mail yesterday. They’re great! I’ll post some up either here or on Facebook.
School has started again and my mind is whirling.
Tomorrow starts the 3rd week. In the first two weeks I have been successfully scared shitless, nominated for Class President, attended several orientations, gone to 2 skills labs, passed my IV test with the mandatory 100%, and (surprisingly!) have managed to keep caught up on the reading!
The other day I went to my first work gathering and took my husband with me. The homemade Indian food was ridiculously amazing. The party was for my CRNA-friend-in-training who is leaving the PICU to go to school full time. Which is great for him but slightly depressing. I feel like I lost my best-work-friend. One who is NOT an asshole btw.

This post may be jumbled and discombobulated

I have come off of my hours at work and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ve been working 32-40 hours since I was 16. And now, I’m expected to survive on 24?! Granted, Ishaq has an income too, but still. Does that make me a workaholic? Nah, I love leaving work at the end of the day- who am I kidding!

Our teachers told us that we were ‘going to hit the ground running’ this semester and I feel like I hit the ground rolling, tripping, and stumbling. It’s nerve wracking- the added responsibilities and expectations I mean. And even though you get the hang of certain skills, when it’s time to go do that on the patient….nervous! You’ve got someone’s life in your hands.
My mom passed the NCLEX and finished her first week of orientation as an OR nurse. How cool is that? I’m super jealous.

Off to more online modules and answering the phone. It’s just another day at the PICU.

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