And the number of the day is….

Summer means back to working night shifts. Alas. I have to say though, Friday went by quite well.
Saturday night? Not so much.
My CRNA-friend-in-training is one of my favorite RNs to work with (when he’s not an asshole, jayplay) and I will call him Al since the other name has gotten to be quite long and I don’t feel like typing it that much for this post.

Anyways, I was counting on him to make the night go by quickly and just the opposite happened. TIME STOPPED.

Not literally, but that’s really what it felt like. Unfortunately. So how did we pass time? Teasing people of course!
And before you get all in a huff, you have to realize that joking around is what gets you through the shift in what could be a potentially depressing and upsetting environment. Cause, sick babies are not cool. And without humor, half of the family members would make you an angry alcoholic.

I digress.

So half my job is crowd control. And I often have to repeat myself till my voice goes hoarse b/c some family members either (1.) really do not get it or (2.) think they are above the system.
Usually the latter.

Family came in and I see them on the monitor with over 4 adults and over 4 children. The phone rings to be let in and I explain the unit’s policy for no children under 12 at this time and 2 adults may enter at one time ONLY.
They say okay, doors swing open. In walk 3 adults and 3 children.
Let’s try this from the top.
2 adults, no children.

Hours later, the phone rings again (around 2 in the morning). I say that TWO adults may switch out the the TWO that are in the room.
“Uh-huh”, says the phone.
In walk 3.

Al says: “2-2+3….that does not equal two.” My sentiments exactly!
Before I can go to the other side to talk to the family, the phone rings again. Seriously, not even 30 seconds later. I explain that I need to let them know to switch out.
“But I’m Grandma”

Picture a really angry person yelling loudly with no teeth. That’s how she sounded a little while later.

I also had a father from another room comparing the unit to a prison (have you been??) and playing rap and RnB music in the public hallway bathrooms at around 4:15AM.

Oh the life of the PICU…overnight!

Parting advice for today:

And the number of the day is.....

And the number of the day is.....


  1. Hahaha I adore this entry. And you!

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