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So, we found out that Isaac can’t get into nursing school until UNCG releases his transcripts.
His financial aid was dropped the semester we went since his dad messed up and gave wrong numbers on the application. We’ve been in the process of paying it off since then in monthly installments but still have five grand left.

UNCG wont release his transcript until we pay it off. And we haven’t got enough credit to get another loan to pay it off.

Definitely a crushing blow and the cherry on top of an already crappy week.

Seriously? Seriously.

We also got this information on my way to Skills Check Off. Needless to say, my head was not in school so I have to go back next week to make it up.

This has been a really hard week and I’m almost at a loss as to what to do.



No sweat? Sure!

My teacher walks into the patient’s room to this sight:
S.R on one side, myself on the other, L.O in the front…and our amputeed patient with one leg sprawled sitting on the floor with his shorts around his knee yelling “awww now. shoulda helped me!!”

Let me back up to the beginning.

S.R and I were sharing a patient. He had meds at 10 and 12 plus a high maintenance wife, so I guess he needed all hands on deck. He was also extreme high risk for falls and had a sitter at all times. His sitter was Naiya who happens to be one of the best NAs I have ever come across.
We come in to greet him only to find the curtain pulled and Naiya giving him a bath. So, after going back in the hall to finish up our pre-emptive paperwork, we come across an LPN who asked us who we had. After telling him it was JP, he said “Oh bless your soul. He will try to put you through the ringer. He’ll pretend he can’t do stuff when he really can. You just gotta keep pushing him. Good luck!!”

After a few minutes we go in and greet ourselves. We struggled getting through his assessment since he complained the whole way. Then the blood pressure machine wouldn’t work so S.R tried to take it manually. She couldn’t hear the bottom number however so I went to give it a go. Before I could get the cuff on his arm he complained loudly, “Awww now! How many nurses does it take to get a blood pressure??” It sounded like the opening line to a bad joke.

I got his blood pressure and continued along the assessment with many “Aww now”‘s along the way. Luckily, his wife had come in and was telling him to be nicer to us and lecturing him. She also told us about how she was taking him home this weekend regardless of the fact that doctors had told him he would be in long term care the rest of his life. It was concerning however b/c there were doubts about how well his care could be at home. I digress.

He had to go to the bathroom. So with Naiya in the back, myself on one side, SR on the other, and his wife in the front, we got him from his wheelchair to his potty chair so that he could have a bowel movement. Throughout the transfer, Naiya and his wife were telling him to stand on his leg and move. “Stand up! All the way up! Stand!”

Fast forward to noon. My patient had just come back from lunch and was sitting in the hall. I finished my paperwork and gave my first sub-q injection (insulin to the LUQ). It went without a hitch! Lunch is at one so I felt on my A-game. Another resident wheeled up and parked right in front of him and (bless his advanced dementia self) started singing at the top of his lungs. JP looked at me and said he wanted to go back to his room. I told him okay and went to look for my partner, SR, to help. I came back and he told me had to go to have another bowel movement…bad. He added the “bad” after taking a glance at the other singing patient. I told him that was fine but I was going to have to get more help. He kept yelling at me to hurry.

When we couldn’t find any NAs to help, my instructor suggested using some classmates. S.R on one side, myself on the other, L.O in the front, KR in the back. “1, 2, 3, go!” The patient lifted himself a quarter of the way up before sinking to floor yelling “HELP ME! HELP ME!” We were pushing and lifting but it was 199 lbs. of dead weight on us. KR was trapped behind the wheelchair saying “should I get help? What should I do??”

“STAND UP JP!” I panted struggling to keep him off the floor. “Come on, stand up! All the way up!” SR said, struggling.

He kept putting all his dead weight down, not standing at all. We tried pushing him over the edge of the potty chair but his butt kept hitting the rim and pushing the seat up.

Finally, I told KR to go get help. LO stated that we should just ease him to floor. “I’ sorry about this JP”, LO added.

That’s when my teacher walked in to see 3 sweating nursing students and a patient sprawled on the floor with his shorts a-dangling.

So clinicals last week was….interesting to say the least.