My husband is great. He is also a great teaser.
I am gullible. Sometimes. Especially when he tells me stuff.

Proof of this?

The other night, I was studying for school. The topic was medications. Isaac was trying to help me study and asked me about lozenges.

“Loh-zen-gee.” he said.

I had never heard the word before so I looked at it confused on the paper. He kept saying, “yeah, what about the loh-zen-gees.”
I replied honestly that I didn’t know what loh-zen-gees were- I hadn’t read that section yet.
His response? Laughter. Gutteral laughter.

“What? What’s so funny?” I asked, pouting.
He explained how they were really pronounced “lah-zenges” and that he thought I would correct him. He also said something about the confusion on my face being funny.
I guess it was ironic since he was pretending to be confused and ended up confusing me.

Totally rude.

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