I suck? Yeah, I know.

I had kept visiting here meaning and simply hadn’t had the time or energy. Lame. But my friend Kev mentioned it today so I’m back!!
And I’ve got a story or two.

I gave medications for the first time on Tuesday the 7th (not last week, but the week before) and I’m proud to announce that he’s still alive!! Very nervewracking since, prior to administering them, you have to talk about each medication in depth with the instructor. Lucky me had 12 so it took about an hour. Bleh.
I DID however, get out of giving him the hydrocortisone/pramoxine cream!! Why so excited? Because I would have had to apply it directly to the hemorrhoids on his anus. Mmm.
Luckily he had already showered and had bowel movements so I didn’t have to do that.

Last week I went home from clinicals early because I wasn’t feeling well. I did have a pt. who was a little paranoid accusing me of breaking doctor-patient confidentiality since I had to talk to his Nurse Practitioner (NP) about his condition.
It’s like, you don’t want to hurt or upset your patient at all but you still have to stand by what you think is right and advocate for them. This pt. had been diagnosed with a new/rare disease and wanted me and the girl I was training to our floor to find information out for him secretly. He thought his NP was trying to keep info. from him. Very dramatic.

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