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Oh, the sweet sound of music.

So, my car is a ’98. And by ’98, I mean a radio and tape deck- no CD player. And there is certainly no output to hook up to my iphone (Yes, I caved and bought an iphone a couple of weeks ago. It’s love.) I have bought and worn through several tape decks that hook up to mp3 players. They never last. The last one I bought didn’t even work. What a waste of 20 bucks.

However! My loving husband bought me a device that hooks into my cigarette lighter and plays songs from my iphone through a radio station that normally has no service. Neat-o!!

Yesterday, my 15 minute drive to work turned into an hour and ten minute drive since the bumper to bumper traffic was awful. There was a 3 car crash on a two lane road at rush hour so everyone was trying to pile into one lane. Terrible.
But, it was the perfect time to listen to all my favorite songs on the road. Driving and singing, it took an hour to get only a couple of miles up the road. Singing pretty good too I might add. I turned the music up some more, allowing me to sing a little bit louder.

Then, between a patch of trees, the radio station (and my song) cut out. And I hit a note that wasn’t pleasant to any human ears I’m sure. No other sounds except for the static and that dangling note in the air.

Damn you car that has no CD player or mp3 jack that prevents self-embarrassment.