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Break is Over

So, Spring Break is long over and I’m back from my hiatus. I know you’re totally excited. Last night I went and saw the new Fast and the Furious movie with Ishaq and 2 of my brothers-in-law at 10:30pm. It wasn’t bad- as far as those kinds of movies go at least. The day before, Ishaq took me out on a date and we saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. It was cute! It was also his first 3D movie which he loved.

Skills Lab was on Monday. We learned about oxygenation and the first half of medication. We went over the different types of oxygen masks and learned how to crush up meds, deliver them, and sign off on our MARs (medication administration records).

Clinicals on Tuesday was AMAZING. I got to follow the Wound Care RN around early even though we haven’t learned it in lecture yet. I ADORE my clinical instructor. I learn so much from her and we get the most opportunities here than any other clinical group. Wound care was ridiculous. I thought I would be totally grossed out but I found it fascinating more than anything. Kaego taught us everything we needed to know about it. She had so much passion for what she was doing that it was truly inspiring. I saw amputations, a lot of pressure ulcers, and the skull of a man who had a brain tumor. She was really amazing. Halfway through the shadowing, I was able to differentiate between all 4 stages of pressure ulcers, tell if a patient was diabetic or not and how good their blood flow was based off the wound bed, and what to use to treat it and why. For me, all of the wound care information just clicked. I don’t know if I could be a wound nurse, but I sure found it fascinating!
My lesson of the week? Speak up and trust my skills more. I had an opportunity to be one of the first in my group to do a in-and-out cath. It was SR’s pt., but she hadn’t gone to skills lab so she wasn’t allowed to. So it was between me and two other girls. I didn’t really try to do it because I like to see a procedure done first, but after we picked KR to do it, we talked about the procedure in the hall. I realized there that I did know what I was doing and could have done the cath no problem. Plus, watching it, I re-realized that, well, that’s what our instructors are there for. Duh!! So, I’m going to [attempt] to stop waiting for someone else to do it first and trust my skills more. I know my skills dang it!!