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Rest in Peace.

My great-grandmother passed last night.

A truly beautiful lady. She will be missed.




My husband is great. He is also a great teaser.
I am gullible. Sometimes. Especially when he tells me stuff.

Proof of this?

The other night, I was studying for school. The topic was medications. Isaac was trying to help me study and asked me about lozenges.

“Loh-zen-gee.” he said.

I had never heard the word before so I looked at it confused on the paper. He kept saying, “yeah, what about the loh-zen-gees.”
I replied honestly that I didn’t know what loh-zen-gees were- I hadn’t read that section yet.
His response? Laughter. Gutteral laughter.

“What? What’s so funny?” I asked, pouting.
He explained how they were really pronounced “lah-zenges” and that he thought I would correct him. He also said something about the confusion on my face being funny.
I guess it was ironic since he was pretending to be confused and ended up confusing me.

Totally rude.

I suck? Yeah, I know.

I had kept visiting here meaning and simply hadn’t had the time or energy. Lame. But my friend Kev mentioned it today so I’m back!!
And I’ve got a story or two.

I gave medications for the first time on Tuesday the 7th (not last week, but the week before) and I’m proud to announce that he’s still alive!! Very nervewracking since, prior to administering them, you have to talk about each medication in depth with the instructor. Lucky me had 12 so it took about an hour. Bleh.
I DID however, get out of giving him the hydrocortisone/pramoxine cream!! Why so excited? Because I would have had to apply it directly to the hemorrhoids on his anus. Mmm.
Luckily he had already showered and had bowel movements so I didn’t have to do that.

Last week I went home from clinicals early because I wasn’t feeling well. I did have a pt. who was a little paranoid accusing me of breaking doctor-patient confidentiality since I had to talk to his Nurse Practitioner (NP) about his condition.
It’s like, you don’t want to hurt or upset your patient at all but you still have to stand by what you think is right and advocate for them. This pt. had been diagnosed with a new/rare disease and wanted me and the girl I was training to our floor to find information out for him secretly. He thought his NP was trying to keep info. from him. Very dramatic.

Oh, the sweet sound of music.

So, my car is a ’98. And by ’98, I mean a radio and tape deck- no CD player. And there is certainly no output to hook up to my iphone (Yes, I caved and bought an iphone a couple of weeks ago. It’s love.) I have bought and worn through several tape decks that hook up to mp3 players. They never last. The last one I bought didn’t even work. What a waste of 20 bucks.

However! My loving husband bought me a device that hooks into my cigarette lighter and plays songs from my iphone through a radio station that normally has no service. Neat-o!!

Yesterday, my 15 minute drive to work turned into an hour and ten minute drive since the bumper to bumper traffic was awful. There was a 3 car crash on a two lane road at rush hour so everyone was trying to pile into one lane. Terrible.
But, it was the perfect time to listen to all my favorite songs on the road. Driving and singing, it took an hour to get only a couple of miles up the road. Singing pretty good too I might add. I turned the music up some more, allowing me to sing a little bit louder.

Then, between a patch of trees, the radio station (and my song) cut out. And I hit a note that wasn’t pleasant to any human ears I’m sure. No other sounds except for the static and that dangling note in the air.

Damn you car that has no CD player or mp3 jack that prevents self-embarrassment.

Break is Over

So, Spring Break is long over and I’m back from my hiatus. I know you’re totally excited. Last night I went and saw the new Fast and the Furious movie with Ishaq and 2 of my brothers-in-law at 10:30pm. It wasn’t bad- as far as those kinds of movies go at least. The day before, Ishaq took me out on a date and we saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. It was cute! It was also his first 3D movie which he loved.

Skills Lab was on Monday. We learned about oxygenation and the first half of medication. We went over the different types of oxygen masks and learned how to crush up meds, deliver them, and sign off on our MARs (medication administration records).

Clinicals on Tuesday was AMAZING. I got to follow the Wound Care RN around early even though we haven’t learned it in lecture yet. I ADORE my clinical instructor. I learn so much from her and we get the most opportunities here than any other clinical group. Wound care was ridiculous. I thought I would be totally grossed out but I found it fascinating more than anything. Kaego taught us everything we needed to know about it. She had so much passion for what she was doing that it was truly inspiring. I saw amputations, a lot of pressure ulcers, and the skull of a man who had a brain tumor. She was really amazing. Halfway through the shadowing, I was able to differentiate between all 4 stages of pressure ulcers, tell if a patient was diabetic or not and how good their blood flow was based off the wound bed, and what to use to treat it and why. For me, all of the wound care information just clicked. I don’t know if I could be a wound nurse, but I sure found it fascinating!
My lesson of the week? Speak up and trust my skills more. I had an opportunity to be one of the first in my group to do a in-and-out cath. It was SR’s pt., but she hadn’t gone to skills lab so she wasn’t allowed to. So it was between me and two other girls. I didn’t really try to do it because I like to see a procedure done first, but after we picked KR to do it, we talked about the procedure in the hall. I realized there that I did know what I was doing and could have done the cath no problem. Plus, watching it, I re-realized that, well, that’s what our instructors are there for. Duh!! So, I’m going to [attempt] to stop waiting for someone else to do it first and trust my skills more. I know my skills dang it!!