ZOMG, 20!

look at the cake with all them candles. his brothers ended up blowing them out

look at the cake with all them candles. his brothers ended up blowing them out

Happy birthday my love!!
He is 20 now and no longer a teenager. How old!
I was waiting to post this until I had a picture to go with it. We rang in Ishaq’s birthday at midnight on the dot. I hyped him up for it telling him that his birthday gift was going to be the best ever.
It was a video camera- something he’s been wanting forever. It’s really nice. We met in a filmmaking class, so it was kind of sentimental as well. He’s forever got ideas for movies and that is one of his greatest creative outlets. We can’t wait until it’s sunny again so the movie making can begin! His brothers are just as into cinematography as he is, so we’ll see!

We slept in and woke up around 12:30. We had lunch at an Indian food restaurant in Chapel Hill (our favorite one in the Triangle) and went to the planetarium. Unfortuanately, it was closed. They’re forced to close at 3pm now because of the budget cuts. There were two other couples trying to go at the same time we did. So that was disappointing. Well, for me, not for Ishaq. I love my optimistic husband. He was still thrilled about the camera and Indian food. And, he said he was excited just because I remembered he loved astronomy.
So we went to the movie theater (cliche, but the wind and rain had ruined all of my other plans) and decided to see Watchmen. We were an hour early, so we spent the whole time playing video games which was actually really fun. The movie was only okay. But we had a good time regardless.
Afterwards, we went and saw his family before going home and continuing on our Naruto series. That’s an anime show we watch online that is SUPER good. Mmhmm.

The verdict: He says it was his best birthday ever. Seriously. (Even if it was Friday the 13th! -_-)

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