this is dash frowning at the burger king man who got our order wrong. hmph.

this is dash frowning at the burger king man who got our order wrong. hmph.

Wednesday the 11th, I went up to Asheville with my other bestfriend Dash. We were going to see the boy she may start dating soon and his art show he was having. I must say, the boyo is VERY talented. His paintings looked exactly like the photographs they were inspired from.
The drive up was awesome. She’s one of the few people I can stay in close proximity with for long periods of time without getting bothered by. I think it’s cause we’re like the same person. No matter!
The mountain air was quite refreshing. I really love Asheville. We passed by Riverside cemetary which was really beautiful (in a morbid way, I suppose). It was very old-school with large headstones. It was too cold and windy to stay for more than 2 minutes though.
The art show was small but nice. All three artists are incredibly gifted. One had a South African accent which reminded me of Ishaq, of course.
We went back to her friend’s house where we were staying for the night. They were really nice! I also learned how to spin poi. Kind of. This starter set are the balls that light up red and you spin them around on a bungee-type string. The real kind involves fire that you spin. Pishaw, like I’ll ever do that. Unlikely.
I also hit myself in the face and in the back of the head. The consequences of learning poi. But it looks really cool when you get it right.
After her boyo came over, we had a bonfire and made smores. They were amazing! It was like being 5 again (according to Dash).
The trip kind of ended abruptly because we got into our first argument ever. But, I’m sure that was bound to happen at some point since we’re going on 4 years of bestfriendship.

Overall, it was a seriously good trip though!

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