Out With My Mom

at the 7th(ish) store trying to get a passport photo for mom. they took forever.

at the 7th(ish) store trying to get a passport photo for mom. they took forever.

Alright, I’m backtracking because it’s spring break, so the next couple of posts will be about my last week.
I worked yesterday, today, and will be back tomorrow and tuesday. A four-day week- the worst. That means I’ll be putting in 50 hours of work over these four days. But it works out cause I get several days off coming up!

So Tuesday the 10th was a date with my mom!! It was fantastic. I’ve missed being able to do stuff like this with her on a regular basis. But it’s fine.

It started off with her making me believe we were running errands. We tried to get a passport photo for her. It took forever. The dude at the store was rude and didn’t really do anything. No matter!

She took me to get a pedicure at this new nail place right next to my house. It was the best pedicure I’ve ever had. For just $35, we got sea salt scrubs, nail color change, lotion, massage, and a bunch of other stuff. Quality, for sure.
We then went to Shiki Sushi for lunch which was absolutely delicious.
After that, we went back to her house and watched Rachel Getting Married which was a really great movie. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It had a more indie feel which was slighly surprising. I thought itwas more mainstream since it had been nominated for a several awards.

We decided to make this a monthly thing which I am really looking forward to.

So, here’s my to-do list for spring break:
-clean up the house
-get the new dishwasher installed (it comes on Wed!!!! and is very needed!!!)
-hang up artwork
-work on older adult project
-study for elimination test (3 days after i get back to school)
-go visit jan overnight
-read for leisure
-try out some new recipes (baking!)

I’m very excited. I just need to get through this work bit, seriously.

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