on the way home at a stoplight.

on the way home at a stoplight.

Work was good in the PICU today. This family that I got extremely close to was finally able to go home after being in the hospital for several months. I am SO happy for them!
I need to remember to send them an email tomorrow.

Ishaq is finished with his application for nursing school and is gonna turn it in on Monday. I’m so proud of him!

Dash is home and I’m going to go up with her to Asheville for the night on Wednesday. I’m real excited!

I’ve also got lab on Monday to make up for the snow day even though it’s Spring Break. But it’s okay- I need to learn how to put catheters in properly anyways.

Alright, we’re heading upstairs to get further along in Naruto- the anime series we’re watching. It’s amazing. He tried to give me shit for it cause he doesn’t like anime. But he’s totally sucked in now. So ha.

Back to work in the morning. Night!

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