One Year

Here! Enjoy a picture! Pretend you were there if you want.

part of the garden at the beginning of the pond

part of the garden at the beginning of the pond

Man. One year. On the 26th, Isaac and I were officially able to start saying that we’ve been married for a year.

We decided to not get each other any gifts, but go out on a nice date instead.

His parents own this really awesome bead shop where they teach classes so you can make your own jewelery and everything. He surprised me by making me a handmade necklace that took him two hours to do.
It’s beautiful! I’ll post a picture of it within the next couple of days.

On the 26th, we went for a walk like we did when we first started dating and went out to the lake/pond by our parents house.

The 27th was our real date since I got out of school at 11. He took me to Pullen Park in Raleigh which was huge! There were paddle boats (which we couldnt do since they weren’t open) and flower gardens and a giant playground. He also packed a picnic which was delicious.

We went to a bookstore afterwards where I picked up a gift for my sister’s upcoming birthday and browsed at the music they also sold. It started raining, so we grabbed a cup of cofffee at Cup o’ Joes or something like that. It was pretty dang good. And I’m a coffee snob from working at Starbucks for so long, so that’s saying something? Maybe?

The rain changed our plans from going to Greensboro to going to see a movie in the theaters. We saw Push and it was surprisingly good! Really good actually. The plot was actually coherent- something that can’t be said for the majority of fantasy/superhero type movies.

Overall, it was a great day.

I’m making a vow to update this more. Seriously.

  1. Congrats on the one year!
    And that whole day…sounds absolutely precious.

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