On the first day of nursing school, they told us that we needed to have a support system to get through this program. A support system both in school and outside of school.
In school, because those peers of yours are the only ones who really know what you’re going through. You can explain it to your friends back home or tell stories, but until you feel the drop of your stomach when you go into your patients room for the first time or rifle through their records looking for information that might be valuable to you while pushing theory around in your head at the same time….well, you don’t really get it. Not fully. And that’s fine.
But outside of school, you need that support system to ground you and guide you back to earth. The earth that doesn’t involve diagnoses and new terms or abbreviations. That support system makes you feel alive and makes you feel better and stronger when you want to quit or don’t believe you’re doing well at all.

It is crucial that you have those systems to succeed in nursing. How better than to fine tune your physical assessment skills than torturing your family and friends by practicing on them over and over again?
How better to solidify the knowledge in your head than to spout off facts to your spouse and watch their eyes glaze over?

So, I’m thanking all my support systems now. I thought I totally bombed my test from yesterday. Turns out I passed with a solid 83%. Granted, it’s my lowest grade to date….but given the circumstances, passing is passing!!

Now I can relax. Just a little.

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