Clinical Orientation and and Awful Test

Tuesday was first day of clinicals!! Already! Time is going by so fast, man!
I mean, when we first got our calendars, it seemed like we’d never get around to clinicals. Pishaw.

So orientation was very cool. Carpooled to the VA and was there in time to get my coffee and muffin from the Starbucks in the lobby before we began at 9am. Took a tour of the facility and did a scavenger hunt along with seeing our floor. We had lunch and went over all of our paperwork. I still had so many butterflies in my stomach from the anticpation and nervousness that I could only eat a salad. I wasn’t really hungry.

Lunch was nice. Got to calm the butterflies some and talk to our clinical instructor and get some good tips for our career as a whole. My clinical instructor, Ms. L is super cool. Very down to earth and straight to the point with a willingness to share all her knowledge. And she has experience in Peds ED which I also have in interest in! So we got to talk about that some too.

We got to go upstairs afterwards and get information on our patients and then meet them if they were there. Luckily, my client was in his room! He’s a very nice gentleman who has his share of issues. But, he seemed to like me well enough! So, that’s good.

There is a ton of paperwork and preparation that goes along with clinicals. Not a ton, but enough. I’m sure it’ll seem like less once it becomes second nature. But still.

Now that clinicals have started, nursing school has become a whole different ballgame. Clinicals is it’s own class, skills lab is its own class, theory is its own class, and lecture is its own class. And each have its own set of challenges and difficulties.

Today’s test took everything to a whole new level. The wording was different- more tricky. I’m not sure if I passed to be honest. asfkhefn.fshsijsljwekfsfmlkf.
And grades are never posted until 9am the next morning. Mreh.
Most everyone in class had difficulty with this one. It was a hard one to study for too. I really hoped I passed. My average right now is a 88.3% so hopefully it wont bring it down to much. I’m trying to maintain above an 87 to get Santa Filomena (the honor society).

Alright. Off to go prepare my paperwork for Tuesday. Wish me luck!!

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