BedBath, Say What?

So, lab went really well on Monday. Better than I thought. It was awkward going in but M.Y. talked me through it since her hand was hurt and she couldnt participate. She’s a repeater for health reasons, but it was good to have her knowledge. It made me less uncomfortable.
Giving good mouth care? Use a 45 degree angle when brushing your patients teeth. And don’t choke them with their own toothbrush, thanks.
Bedbath? Start with the face and use a different corner for each eye. Go distal to proximal on the extremeties and please, please, please use long strokes. It helps circulation.

We also learned how to use a quick release knot when using restraints.

Ho hum.

Oh, I also learned how to change a bed while someone is in it and make it tidy along with putting an adult diaper on. Handy!!

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