An Elephant and a Flower

Things are finally looking up again healthwise. The headaches seem to be, knock on wood, getting farther and farther apart. I’m excited because I only have 10 more hours to go and then I’ll be done with my shift and my workweek. And tomorrow is lab which means I get to sleep in a little bit. AWESOME.

So, I think I mentioned that Isaac and I weren’t doing anything for Valentine’s Day this year because we were gonna celebrate our anniversary instead. I’m not gonna lie though- I’m a girly girl. Not all the time. Just about some things. And, I mean, who wouldn’t want a little something on Valentine’s Day? Granted, love should be expressed all year round, and Isaac does a damn good job at that. But still.
I went home yesterday not expecting anything though b/c of our aforementioned agreement. I was cleaning up the bedroom and he came home with a stuffed elephant and flower and a card. It wasn’t a Valentine’s Day gift, he said. Rather, it was something to show his appreciation for everything.


I love him.

We stayed up and watched Fringe and listened to music while eating a pasta dinner. And then we went to sleep. Overall, I’d say it was a good day.

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