Day of Love

I still am not 100% back to normal. I keep getting headaches intermittently, but hopefully that’ll pass soon. Ishaq went back to work yesterday but he’s still iffy also.
I got to see Dash though, which was fantastic =)
I was very excited about that. We made the most banging mix CD ever!! Mmm, I wish my head hadn’t been hurting though so that I could’ve been more bubbly. But that’s okay. We also strolled down memory lane cause we found all this stuff she left behind in her room.

The house is almost completely unpacked and that is very exciting. My brothers-in-law had dumped all of our stuff in the hallway and living room which made for a very crowded and cluttered house. I’ve been chipping away at it over this last week. All I’ve got left is to tidy up the bedroom and put away the last odds and ends ifrom the closet of the office. Oh, and hang all of the artwork. But the last 2 of the 3 can wait until spring break. It’s so nice to have everything in the kitchen again. Ishaq’s pretty excited to have the clutter away also.

But the being sick and everything from this last week did take it’s toll. I’ve got clinicals on Tuesday to mentally prepare myself for and a whole heap of reading to catch up on. Between taking care of Isaac, the house, the cats, and myself, along with studying for skills check off, something fell behind. And that was my reading.

It’s okay though because I’ve got a late day on Monday and will be out of clinicals by 3 on Tuesday and can hopefully knock out 2 of my 3 chapters. I

Just need to make it to Spring Break and then I can fully catch up on my reading and maybe (gasp) get ahead on it. We’ll see.

So far, I’m maintaining a 3.6 GPA…hopefully that’ll last.

Last week, Ishaq and I spent time everyday at his parents house and hung out with his brothers. Which was nifty. I love his brothers. We made a movie and watched Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and The Rocker. Both cute movies. Rawrggh, my head is aching.

Happy Day of Love everyone!

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