Yesterday was my first skills lab. I’m now proficient in creating nursing diagnoses. Heck yes! We got to wear our nifty lab coats and had to look professional. Well, we’re supposed to at least. There’s a repeater in our class who opted to wear a velour sweatsuit instead.  Eh, to each his own?

So, we were given case studies and had to put the data on our care-planning tools (CPTs) and formulate diagnostic statements. For instance, P.L. has continuous incontinence r/t diminished bladder cues or impaired ability to recognize bladder cues secondary to CVA (stroke) AEB patient complaints of continually wetting himself day and night.
Mrs. Jones suffers from Deficient Fluid Volume related to vomiting and diarrhea as evidenced by dark yellow urine and dry mucous membranes.

Poor P.L. and poor Mrs. Jones.

I’ve got my first assessment lab on Monday. We’ll be doing our cephalocaudals (head-to-toe assessments examining all of the systems individually). Hoo-rah.

Oh, and Unit I test on Tuesday. Rawrgh.

Today’s been a good day. Woke up to breakfast and coffee made by Isaac and a lovely phone call from mom. I’m content.
And sleepy. Awful sleepy.

Alright, back to transcribing my notes. More to come.

    • jan
    • January 24th, 2009

    okay, i finally made it.

    go to

    are you happy? i hope you’re happy….

  1. Ah, hah. poor Mrs.Jones.
    You’re transitioning into a healer!

  2. Dash – I agree… you should have seen her when she was about 8 all dressed up like a nurse for Halloween. She looked so adorable! I remember her looking up at me so seriously about it all…

    Good job honey pie…

    And good training of Isaac too. The husband brings you coffee in the morning. Thats my girl!

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