Help Me to Help You

Friday we had our class elections. I ran for VP and some of my friends ran for the other positions. There was only one President and Treasurer, 2 Secretaries, a historian, and then four for the honor court.

So my position was the only one where there were multiple people running and the duties couldn’t be split. So we were the only ones that had to actually stand up and make speeches. Figures. It would be the only position that has to make speeches.

Besides, I didn’t even know we were supposed to have speeches. So the Student Government Association (SGA) Vice Pres. was like “Well, would you like to make your speech?”

Shakingly, I stood up and thought back to 8th grade improv (thanks Ms. Calderon).

“Hey everyone, as you know I’m running for Vice President. I’m basically running because I really want to be involved in the school and be a part of any changes we’re doing. So, uh….help me to help you! Yeah!”

It felt more like a rally than a speech. Everyone applauded and cheered and I raised my arms when I said yeah. The vote was overwhelming and now I’m class Vice President.

Yes we can!!

  1. I knew you’d get it. I’m so excited for you!
    Love you, miss you.

  2. I’m laughing so hard here… not quite following in your Auntie’s political aspirational footsteps there.. nor are you a Toastmaster in the making honey.. but hey, got the job done. Go girl go!

  3. I guess you should ask your Mom about that comment… long before your time…. lol…. tooo funny. Did I mention Im proud of you??? Huh?

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